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One of the major effects of losing sleep is the increasing rate of being easily irritated, short-tempered, and vulnerable to stress. Without sleep you and could easily have a bad day, therefore, the lack of sleep increases stress levels, effects performances, and decreases attention to detail. People who lack sleep seem to maintain the same physical state and mental state as a person that drinks heavily. The physical and mental state of one who lacks sleep is; uncoordinated movements or...
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According to (Leahy and Gradisar 2010), 40% of children aged between four and eleven have struggled with some form of sleep issue, even if this is for a short amount of time. Sleep is essential for humans at all ages; without adequate sleep, we would be unable to survive. According to Meijer et al. (2008), in European countries the average time for a child aged 11- 12 to sleep is 9 – 10 hours. However, there are many studies that...
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As human beings we all have basic needs that have to be met, understanding those needs will help us understand the factors that contribute to the drive to achieve certain goals. Students are preoccupied with many things: classes, work, home life, grades, and health, etc. When students are concerned about certain needs, their behaviors are easily centered on meeting those needs. Those concerns surpass learning and achievement. Physiological needs are the most important and when they are not met, they...
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Introduction Sleep is a fundamental physiological process for human survival and health; however, its common deprivation is an increasing area of concern for many students. Studies have demonstrated the significance of sleep for daily cognitive function, as it strengthens the synaptic connections made during the day, storing information for long-term use. However, with constant academic pressures, paired with students’ social pursuits and numerous extracurricular activities, sleep deprivation of adolescents is a common issue that ultimately affects their academic performance in...
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Health Issue High levels of stress and insufficient sleep can affect a student's physical health, emotional well-being, and academic success. Stress and inadequate sleep are major obstacles to academic success for undergraduate students (Hales & Hales 2016). Short-term effects of sleep deprivation include decreased cognitive function, memory, performance, and attention (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2019). Minimizing stressors and supporting healthy coping strategies can help students improve overall well-being, quality of life, and academic performance while reducing the devastating consequences of excessive...
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Introduction Lack of sleep affects your work ethic in school. Most people don’t realize now that without the proper rest your brain can’t function to its maximum point and your body responds in the same way. Unfortunately the issue of sleep deprived students is too often overlooked and must be addressed more often. Students have trouble regulating their sleep time enduring their performance in school. Some may have after school program or may just typically with social media that they...
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