Impact Of Stress On Students Academic Performance

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Nowadays stress has become an important subject matter in analysis studies in academic circle as well as in our society. This analysis was conducted to check the impact of stress on students’ academic performance. Tutorial stress among students has long been a subject of analysis study and researchers have recognized completely different necessary stressors that embrace excessive assignments, unhealthy competition among category students, concern of failure in instructional accomplishment and lack of hard cash (Fairbrother & Warn, 2003). Poor social relationships in school or with lecturers, and family issues. Among Institutional level stressor area unit overcrowded lecture halls, (Ongori, 2007; Awino & Agolla, 2008), the semester system, and meager resources to perform educational work. Kumar and Jejurkar (2005) they describe that over in their studies that educational factors were chiefly chargeable for a better level of stress among college students. Students expertise stress thanks to totally different several factors together with problems with time management, monetary matters, interaction with lecturers, personal subjective goals, social behavior, adjustment within the educational culture lack of network (Wilks, 2008), admission method, high expectation of oldsters, syllabus comprised of complicated ideas, unsuitable faculty timings, unbalanced student-teacher quantitative relation, physical surroundings of room, unhealthy practice teacher interaction, arduous and quick rules of discipline, too several or complicated assignments, teaching methodology, unconcerned teacher’s angle and emphasis on weaknesses instead of acknowledging strengths (Masih & Gulrez, 2006). Educational stress arises once educational connected demands exceeds to those obtainable resources to a personal that he/she adapts. (Wilks, 2008). And this stress should not be unnoticed because it negatively affects the final adjustment of the scholars. (Hussain, Kumar, & Husain, 2008).

Misra and Castillo (2004) conducted a study, during which they finished that perception and reaction to fret is completely different in each genders i.e. male and feminine whereas a Jogaratnam and Chief Executive (2004) found a big distinction between male and feminine students on the time pressure issue of stress. Sulaiman, Hassan, Sapian and Abdullah (2009) studied that males and feminine students expertise completely different level of stress and a proof is also as a result of females are traditional probably to be emotional than males in reaction to their setting.

Academic performance is that the academic aim that's achieved by a student, teacher or institution achieves over a selected time. the educational performance of scholars heavily depends upon the parental involvement in their educational activities to realize the upper level of quality in educational success. the scholars are quite emotional particularly females. they're take stress in everything at college level. loads of issue that influence in their study like gift pressure, teacher’s perspective towards their study, home strictness, future and job tensions (Hussain et al., 2012).

Even as we delve into the core of the subject matter, sample attention needs to be accorded the proposal that, introducing successful coping strategies may help students to avoid the destructive consequences of excessive stress.


According to Richlin-Klonsky & Hoe, (2003) stress arises once there are burden on the person that exceed his obtainable assets. If stress is harsh and extended, it will reduce tutorial performance, hinder with a student’s capability to involve in and raise field life, and lift the chance of abuse and different doubtless damaging behaviors.

Researchers usually defined that stress as the undesirable response folks have to be compelled to extreme strain or different kind of burden placed on them. Stress happens once someone take care of a state of affairs that they acknowledge as irresistible and can't manage. In a sophisticated instructional organization like University (Smith, Johal, Wadsworth, Smith & Peters, 2000) wherever the load placed on students relies on point in time and problem to square call at tests or examination, students are at risk of expertise stress. According to Malach-Pines & Keinan, (2007); Ongori, (2007); Agolla & Ongori, (2009).; Agolla, (2009) explicit that have long recognized stress symptoms as loss of energy, elevated pressure level, depressed mood, increase in desire, problem in concentrating, impatience, nervousness and strain .

Objective of the Study

The objectives of present study were as follows-

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  • To determine the differences between high and low academic performing students sources of stress.
  • To determine the sources of stress between pure and applied science course students.
  • To determine the differences in the sources of stress between boys and girls

According to Agolla & Ongori (2009) stated that stress is considered to be a part of students’ life and can impact the students coping strategies in accordance with the demands of academic life. This is so because academic work is always accomplished with stressful activities.

Students reported their expertise of high educational stress at predictable times in every semester which ends up from getting ready and taking exams, category ranking competition, and mastering vast quantity of programmed in an exceedingly} relatively very touch of your time (Rawson, Bloomer, & Kendall, 1999). Among faculty students, a powerful relationship is found between disagreeable life events and reduced educational performance furthermore as there's a link between health connected quality of life and stress (Dusselier, Dunn, Wang, Shelley & Whalen, 2005; Misra & McKean, 2000). college boy students explicit that stress was the foremost common measure among all health factors that impact their educational performance, as stress noxiously affects physical and psychological health (Dwyer & e. e. cummings, 2001). Wintre and Yaffe (2000) all over that top level of stress throughout the primary year of faculty forecast lower level of overall adjustment and may create the scholars a lot of vulnerable to several social and psychological issues, therefore resulting in a lower score average (GPA) within the final year. several studies have self-addressed this issue and it had been found that a lot of psychological issues, like depression, anxiety, and stress have an impression on the scholars educational action. Williamson, Birmaher, Ryan, and Dahl (2005) reported that in anxious and depressed youth, disagreeable life events at significantly elevated that successively result in low performed in lecturers.

Stress is considered to be a part of students’ life and can impact the students coping strategies in accordance with the demands of academic life. This is so because academic work is always accomplished with stressful activities (Agolla & Ongori, 2009). Students reported their experience of high academic stress at predictable times in each semester which results from preparing and taking exams, class ranking competition, and mastering huge amount of syllabus in a comparatively very small amount of time (Rawson, Bloomer, & Kendall, 1999).Among college students, a strong relationship is found between stressful life events and reduced academic performance as well as there is a link between health related quality of life and stress (Dusselier, Dunn, Wang, Shelley & Whalen, 2005; Misra & McKean, 2000). Undergraduate students stated that stress was the most common factor among all health factors which impact their academic performance, as stress harmfully affects physical and psychological health (Dwyer & Cummings, 2001). Wintre and Yaffe (2000) concluded that high level of stress during the first year of college forecast lower level of overall adjustment and can make the students more susceptible to many social and psychological problems, thus leading to a lower grade point average (GPA) in the final year. Many studies have addressed this issue and it was found that many psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, and stress have an impact on the students academic achievement. Williamson, Birmaher, Ryan, and Dahl (2005) reported that in anxious and depressed youth, stressful life events are considerably elevated which in turn lead to low performance in academics.

Gunnar (1998), describe the reason of educational stress is that the anxiety and stress that comes from schooling and education. There’s often loads of compressions that comes at the side of following a degree and one's education. there's finding out preparation, tests, labs, reading, and quizzes. there's the strain of doing all of the work, equalization the time and finding time for extra-curricular activities. tutorial stress is especially onerous on faculty students WHO square measure often living faraway from home for the primary time. Its study show that academics expect work to be completed on time. Students could miscalculate the number of your time it takes to complete reading and writing tasks, to print out replicas of their work. Stress and its displays, like stress, depression, and tension, have invariably been seen as a standard drawback among folks in different businesses and occupations. within the previous few times, the alarm has antecedently been motivated by the proliferation of books, analysis reports, well-liked articles and therefore the growing number of organized workshops, getting to teach folks the way to handle with this individuality.

Researchers area unit at random in their actions on this subject, in some cases associating and distinctive in others. whereas one will say that every stress issue has immediate effects, every may also have side effects. as an example, time pressure limits the time out therefor the success of a specific task. This limit may be a physical limit that doesn't need psychological rationalization to sympathize with its immediate effects on achieving performance. This limitation, however, often causes AN emotional reaction, as an example nervousness that has aspect effects or indirect effects on success. Given the hassle or unravelling these 2 extensions and deficiency during which this was tired the most literature (Trockel et al., 2000)

Whitman et al., (1985) cites nerve-racking events will be appraised by a personal as 'challenging' or 'threatening' (Lazarus 1966). once students appraise their education as a challenge, stress can bring them a way of ability Associate in Nursing an enlarged capability to find out. once education is seen as a threat, however, stress will elicit feelings of helplessness and a foreboding sense of loss. A critical issue regarding stress among students is its result on learning. The Yerkes-Dodson law (1908) postulates that people beneath low and high stress learn the smallest amount which those beneath moderate stress learn the foremost. A field study and laboratory tests support the notion that excessive stress is harmful to students' performance. a number of the explanations why students understand stress area unit time pressure and therefore the got to perform well within the exams (Erkutlu & Chafra, 2006). Other reasons why stress will occur area unit the worry of educational failure (Kolko, 1980) too several assignments or the competitions with different students (Fair brother & Warn 2003). Mainly the period before the exams is perceived as extremely nerve-racking by students (Nandamuri & Ch, 2011).Stress ends up in a prejudicial educational performance at the university (Sloboda, 1990). Bennett (2003) reports an identical finding in his study and points out that stress is considerably correlate with poor educational performance. Elias, Ping & Abdullah, (2011) mentioned that studies show that particularly college boy students need to handle the potential negative effects of stress concerning their educational achievements. (Cited in Rucker 2012).

As cited in Pfeiffer (2001), there are several studies (Schafer, 1996; Fisher, 1994; Altmaier, 1983; polyglot & Valletutti, 1980), that have rumored robust relationship between stress and college students. Some people square measure a lot of sensitive to thus stressors than others; so, the person’s characteristics and behavior patterns should be checked out to work out their importance and their vulnerability to fret. The expertise of stress in humans is universal, however there square measure also marked individual variations in however stress is old. Stress has been known “to be the fuel the body uses to fulfill the challenges of our fast fashionable life; for others, it is the aversive by-product of such a life” (Altmaier, 1983). Stress has been related to major life events, everyday life hassles, and changes in life. Stress is made by excessive environmental and internal demands that require constant effort and adjustment. One vital issue to contemplate when researching stress is to explore that sources of stress square measure helpful and that sources square measure detrimental (Ross et al., 1999). Some people square measure a lot of sensitive or susceptible to some stressors than others. Stress is caused by environmental and internal demands that need to be adjusted continuously. These environmental and internal demands will vary from person to person. In 2006 NIMHANS study says 5,857 students committed suicide owing to exam stress. As cited in Petroff (2008) stress had a negative impact on academic success among college students (Andrews & Wilding, 2004; De Meuse, 1985; Shields, 2001; Struthers et al., 2000). Therefore the present study examined the sources of stress among college students in relation to academic performance, discipline/ course and gender in Bangalore city.

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