How Does Discipline Influence Academic Performance?

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Discipline is the key to attain and achieved our goal's in life. We as a future educator's, discipline and academic performance are the core in today's education. While in student's learning, discipline has a ver important role in the life of every individual, by being well-disciplined we can encourage everyone to be disciplined as well. Discipline also helps us to become a better version of our selves and it can help us to be a better person in this world. However, indiscipline students is one of the major problem in every school today. Disruptive behavior is one of the concern in school's and parent's and to the fellow students whose education may be affected. This article was carried out to establish the relationship between the teachers, school's discipline and the academic performance of students.

Discipline is the right way of doing things in well a behaved manner. It needs a control over the mind and also our body. Some person has the natural property of self-discipline however somebody has to develop it inside them. Discipline is also the ability to control on our feelings and do right thing at right time as well as overcome the weaknesses of every individual. Life without discipline is incomplete and unsuccessful. In this world we need to follow some rules by respecting our elders and also the seniors.Discipline in academic performance of the students is one of the most important key in education. Students must know the importance of discipline into their academic performance and how can influence it into their studying. Why we need to become disciplined? Discipline helps everyone to achieved their goals in life and it will lead to a better future of every individual. A well mentained disciplined person can encourage everyone to be disciplined as well. Being an educated and disciplined person, we as an individual need to show the positive impact of being a well disciplined to other students for them to know how important discipline in the life of every individual.

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Discipline is a self-improvement practice. In other words, discipline is vital for students’ academic performance (Njoroge & Nyabuto, 2014). Lack of discipline is called indiscipline. Among students, according to Ali et al., it is any form of misbehaviour which a student can display in several ways (disobedience, destruction of school property, poor attitude to learning, immoral behaviour, drug abuse, stealing, lateness, truancy, dirtiness, being quarrelsome, use of abusive or foul languages, rudeness, gangstarism or cultism). According to this study only two types of discipline were investigated: positive and negative discipline as identified by Umba (1976), Bull 1969) and Okumbe (1998). The first type, positive discipline is sometimes known as self-discipline. Self discipline is the kind of discipline that comes from the aims and desires that are within the person, where there is no element of fear (Umba, 1976:8). Okumbe (1998:116) relates positive discipline with preventive discipline, providing gratification in order to remain committed to a set of values and goals. It is encouraged self-control, individual responsibility in the management of time, respect of school property, school rules and authority, good relationship between students and teachers. In support of what the educators say, Kruger (1996:16) emphasises that even learners with appropriate abilities who are appointed in leadership positions, still need training so that they can perform their tasks effectively. Naidoo and Potterton (1994:6) also declare that positive behaviour can be developed if educators respect their learners and have positive human relations.They state that empathetic educators are those who are respectful to their learners and create an atmosphere in the classroom which allows learners to be actively involved, thus stimulating problem solving.

Acording to Gitome et al., Where there is good disciplie, there is improved academic performance. Academic performance is the measured ability and achievement level of a learner in a school, subject or particular skills. Discipline means a form of discipline appropriate to the regulation of students and the maintenance of order in the school.Living in this world, we all know that teachers have a simple job in this world. Their job is to teach student's, to share their knowledge to us and to make sure that we will become a professionals in the future some day. Therefore, no matter what are and how ugly you are indeed you are intelligent in all things. Apparently, biblically we are all equal and every one have their own uniqueness. It defines a lot,respecting you whatever is your gender or indentity. But as I've noticed right now some students are didn't respect their teachers and some students are so disrespectful. Why do some student's show indiscipline behavior to their teachers? And how can influence the discipline in the academic performance of a students?

The purpose of this article is to inculcate discipline to the students who are violating the rules and regulations of the school. Having a school discipline is very important because the aim of this is to create a safe and happy environment in every classroom. When a teacher is unable to maintain order and discipline in the classroom, students may become unmotivated and they will become rebellious person.

As a daughter and student we are always taught to respect the elders and people in the authority. Like in school we shoul respect our teachers and alsothe administrators of the school. However, I've noticed that some students today disrespect their teachers. Students are going to school ro learn and also to gaine more knowledge and also to share. Living in this 21st century, phones are one of yhe big problem in the academic performance of the students. Especially. During the discussion,some students are not paying attention to the teacher who are in front of the class. It is one sign of disrespecting the teacher's or indiscipline behavior of a student. The influence of the discipline in the academic performance of student's is they will become well-discipline and they can achieve their goals in life by having discipline in their self and also to others.And if you have discipline in yourselves then you have the ability to behave and controlled manner, it help us also to get higher grades in our academic performance. It gains also respect to others and into yourself. The advantages of being well disciplined is you will becomce selective, independent,organized and also a motivated person. It creates also good image of the school and also to prepare learner's for their future. Discipline also allows the students achieve their goals in life better. While the disadvantages is the children will become rebellious especially the teenagers. Strict rules without equal love and affection can trigger and rebellious behavior. Rebellious behavior, low self-esteem and anger, a supportive parents give a sense of love. On the other hand, a parent who demand perfections and strict punishment can have a opposite effect to the children. The effect of this is they feel unlovable and also stupid or so unworthy. Therefore,disciplinarians must carefully balance between love, affection, gentleness, discipline and enforcement.

In conclusion, discipline is a good to ys because it builds our character and make us learn things in a positive way. It is also the essential part of everyone's life. Nobody can become successful in life without discipline in their selves. In today's world, discipline is very important and powerful thing in life. We as a future educator's we need to become a role model to other students not only for students but also to others for them to adapt the positive way of being well disciplined person. Discipline gives us consistency as a student. It gives also structure not only for the classroom but also in our everydays lives and for our futures.The benefits of discipline in the life of students is the academic performance will improved and also this is also the foundation of being selective and independent person. Students should be aware on the importance od discipline into their academic performance.To attain our goals in life it is very important to stay discipline. By staying disciplined, it helps us to become motivated students and we will achieve all the imposible things turn into possible things. Discipline have a very important role in students life as it is learning stage so as to live better and dignity the rest of their lives. We as a student's it can help us to achieve goal's in our life and as we will become successful person someday we will always include the importance of discipline in our learning. To achieve all the goal's in our life, discipline is the key to become a successful person in the future. 'Enhances and encourage student's motivation'. We can't deny the fact that in the life of being a student's is not always easy. But through motivation and having a discipline in our selves will lead us to a better person and to achieve our goal's in our lives. And by staying disciplined it will keep our motivation fire burning nd can help us to get the best out of education. A well disciplined student's can become a good example to other's to follow. Disciplined student's serve as athe role models for their classmates or in other's,but instead of wishing to be like them,we should instill the same self discipline in our selves. In this article, the impact of discipline in teaching and learning process is, it can eliminates stress from student's life,it is one of the prominent impacts that discipline has on the learning process. It is very important to every student's to have a set routine to avoid hustle things in their lives. It can help us also discipline by maintaining and following the daily routine properly. In students learning also helps to get better grade's. In individual's life, it is very important that we will be well-disciplined at all times. Because, by being well-disciplined person can be able to spend more time in studying. And by studying more time the better grades will become. Discipline can also mould's student's character because a positive attitude towards studies and in life is the inherent benefit derived from being disciplined.'The most essential thing is not knowledge but character'.


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