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Factors Of Stress And Methods For Managing It

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Stress is the reaction that our body faces when the body has to change and adjust to something. These reactions may be in the form of physical, mental, or emotional tensions. Stress occurs through many different circumstances, these include external circumstances, like social relationships and academic difficulties. In addition, stress can also arise when facing internal circumstances, like mental issues or anxiety problems. However, stress is also a natural reaction when facing positive situations, like marriage, buying a house, etc.

5 factors that cause stress:

  1. People who work long hours experience many mental and social effects on their brains. The lack of free time and poor work-life management lead to tiredness and fatigue, which may cause discrepancies in relationships and add more stress to an individual;
  2. When the main income earner of a family is diagnosed with chronic illness or injury. The family faces many challenges, which inevitably cause stress, especially the person with the illness. Firstly, he/she has to live with their illness, which cannot treated. In addition, the financial loses can produce more stress, which may overwhelm the individual. However, it depends on their thought that helps them push through the hard situations;
  3. Discrimination can cause quite a lot of stressful thoughts in people’s minds. Many people try to avoid situations, which they believe can lead to their embarrassment. Discrimination can lead people to doubt their efficiency and affect their mental and physical health;
  4. When someone undergoes a divorce, some people may feel many mixed emotions. In addition, to make these situations more stressful, the individual has to make necessary decisions about legal and financial consideration, including arrangements to their children, if any;
  5. The loss of a job can become quite overwhelming and the sudden changes can affect your self-esteem. In addition, the loss of income, identity and self- confidence can lead to a stressful life, which can inevitably cause depression and grieve.

8 signs of stress:

  1. Procrastinating and avoiding responsibility;
  2. Nail-biting and fidgeting;
  3. Constant worrying;
  4. Inability to focus;
  5. Headaches;
  6. Upset stomach;
  7. Chest pains or aches;
  8. Grinding of teeth.

3 Methods for managing stress

  1. An important step to tackle stress is to realise what the issue is and what is causing it to happen. When thinking about these steps, you need to be mentally strong and it may be helpful to talk to some while thinking about this. Stress can be hard to deal with by yourself, thus taking small steps, with someone else to determine the cause is important and can be beneficial;
  2. In addition, many people try to find short cuts to deal with stress. However, these methods of excessive Alcohol and Nicotine makes you much more depressed. Thus, try to avoid depressant and try to make your lifestyle healthier, with water and herbal teas. Alcohol and Nicotine are ways to avoid the situation in front of you, which you can fix by taking some seemingly challenging steps;
  3. Physical activity are well known to help cure many different issues in life. Exercise is an extremely useful technique to help in a sense metabolize the excessive stress hormones that is produced in our bodies. Physical exercise restores your mind and can often help calm and relief many people.
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