Learning Stress and Stress Management in Public Health Workers

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Stress has a significant impact on people and affects their emotions, actions and interpersonal relationships. connections are a case that is made by incorporating many factors. (Torun, 1997 and Rice, 1999). Stress is a form of illness that can feel anxiety, fear, frustration, and sadness that can be extremely stressful for a person to experience. Stress is difficult to resist because it can lead to depression in children or adults who may be undergoing it.

Stress management is a broad spectrum of methods and psychotherapies directed at managing one's stress level, particularly chronic stress, usually for purpose and to improve daily functioning. (Wikipedia, 2020). It's good to know about stress, especially for public health workers. because individuals under stress find it difficult to succeed and also for happiness. Stress management for public health workers should be prioritized to protect mental and physical health. Stress with a significant impact on individuals, affects this behavior, way of life, and affects their attitudes, relationships with others and stress is very difficult for everyone. Individuals who experience stress find it difficult to be happy and successful. To protect individuals in mental and physical health one should know stress management. Stress management enhances the quality of living and Sleep is a type of illness where we feel anxiety, fear, anxiety, frustration and sometimes even sadness that can be easily exacerbated in humans. While providing services, healthcare staff, they see many patients and relatives of patients with many different levels of health problems. These situations threaten the health of an individual and cause stress due to uncertainty and anxiety affecting health care staff as well as the patient (Aslan et al.1998). These are the reasons public health workers find fatigue, stressful work, job uncertainty, and poor relationships with colleagues or bosses caused by tension and mental illness. According to Jennifer LeClaire, fatigue - the stress that comes from caring for too much - can strike any health care worker. Because they care deeply about their patients, healthcare professionals who listen to stories of fear, pain, and suffering may find themselves at the same time experiencing similar emotions. Eat healthy foods.

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According to the Department of Health (DOH) As defined by the Stress Management Society, stress is primarily a physical response. When stressed, the body thinks it is under attack and switches to fight or flight model. The SMS further noted that having stress is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can also be a 'boost' of energy that allows a person to complete an activity. However, when the 'fight or flight' keep going consistently, it could have negative effects on the body. Under the 12S of the DOH, the emphasis is placed on 'Stretching as a physical, it will help the body relax the muscles, lubricate the joints and increase the supply of oxygen to the body. Meanwhile, participating in 'Sports' keeps your body active, not only reaping the physical benefits but also great social benefits. The Health department added that an individual who is stressed can take a 'Sensation technique' or have a massage.

The study will be conducted with public health workers in the Rural Health Unit of Bayambang Pangasinan. It will also evaluate the stress management strategies adopted by public health institute are Nurses, Midwives, Med-tech, Pharmacist, Dentist, and Medical Doctor. The studying Such areas also include concepts and types of stress, sources of stress and stressmanagement strategies. Personalized stress management strategies, work-related stress management techniques, interpersonal stress management strategies, and general stress management strategies will beinvestigated. The study will draw on three theories: the stimulus model, transactional model, and the response model.The foregoing discussion on the stress and stress management of Public Health Workers

through LinkedIn Learning is guided by different theories of stress. These theories include the stimulus-based model of stress, response-based model of stress, and the transactional-based model of stress. Figure 1 below shows the connection between the theories that serve as a framework of the study.The present study is a stimulus-based model of stress. In these models stress is defined as a stimulus, According to Holmes, there are 43 life events or lifestyle changes, which can cause stress. There are positive and negative life events that are considered stressful. The scale of stressful life events is used to record recent stressful experiences of the individual, such as divorce, pregnancy, retirement. those scales must be revalidated by age and by socioeconomic status, also, they must be culturally adapted. Stress theory as a stimulus viewed stress as a significant life event or change that required response, adjustment, or adaptation. There is some supporting evidence in this, but the correlation is relatively low. Moreover, this theory has been criticized for ignoring the cognitive aspects of the effect of stress. In other words, it is not attained for individual betting on the meaning of different life events. A stimulus, life event, or a set of events that provokes physiologic a psychological reaction that may increase the individual's vulnerability.

Another theory is that the response model is based on stress. Stress as a response model, first introduced by Hans Selye (1956), describes stress as a pattern of physiological response and is captured within the general model of adaptation syndrome (GAS). The definition of stress as a response was developed and described by Selye, who defined stress as an unrelated response to the body of any kind applied to it. The general reaction of the body's overall response, (GAS) has been demonstrated by the release of many hormones, resulting in changes in the structure and chemical composition of the body. This model emphasizes the general physiological outcomes of stressful situations. the response is a physiological one in which provocative of the sympathetic nervous system consequence in many physiological and somatic changes and finally disruption of homeostasis. Selye(1956), developed this conception into a theoretical model of stress called the General Adaption Syndrome theory. He defined stress as (non-specific response and demand made upon the body). He proposed that different kinds of stimuli would consequence in similar physiological responses. Stress may be deemed as response .the general adaption syndrome (GAS) is physiological response of the body towards stress.

This is the last theory which is the transactional-based model of stress. The Transactional Model of Stress Theory is a framework that emphasizes evaluation to assess the injury, threats, and challenges, 9esulting in the process of coping with stressful events (Lazaurus, 1966; Lazarus & Folkman, 1984).The degree of stress experienced in the form of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors, as a result of external stresses, depends on situational considerations that involve a judgment of whether internal or external factors requests exceed resources and the ability to cope when requests exceed resources (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984). This theory includes environmental factors, social support or assistance, knowledge, and skills to mitigate this threat. The model transactional examines how major life events and daily interruptions impact on emotions with an emphasis on cognitive evaluation and stress. Cognitive learning consists of the primary appraisal (to assess the harm or threat of the situation that may occur) and the secondary appraisal (which evaluates what can be done and the ability of the individual to manage and cope with it).

Stress learning is easier when there is a paradigm because the requirements or methods of conducting research are fixed or stated. It also covers the most important reasons why research is being studied. Statement of the Problem

The principal goal of this study is to recognize the stress management strategies adopted by the public health workers in the Rural Health Unit of Bayambang Pangasinan. Specifically, the study seeks to find out the:

  • source of stress in public health workers;
  • work-related stress management strategies adopted by public health workers 3. personal characteristics of stress management adopted by public health workers;
  • general stress management strategies adopted by public health workers;
  • difference stress factors of Nurses, Midwives, Med-tech, Pharmacist, Dentist, Medical Doctor public health workers.

Stress is a difficult experience for people and administrative problems continue to threaten the aspirations of the tertiary administrative staff institutions. According to Businessballs(2019), the problem of stress has become an important area of research in medicine and psychology, and management, development, and stress are believed to experience 70% of doctor visits and 85% of serious it hurts. if there was a pleasing stress level exist in highly technologically developed. One can imagine what will happen to everyone especially in the field of medicine.

Studies in Nigeria, Ofoegbu & Nwadiani (2006) have documented the prevalence of stressful working conditions in third-party institutions. According to them those things Threats, harmful and challenging situations that stress people's availability and well-being of the administrative staff. Research findings it is also indicated that work-related stress is captured in each task and can be as dangerous as smoking. For example, a survey of 21,000 women in Britain found that those who had the most demands for jobs, little control over their work environment and lack of support from the co-workers and superiors are more likely to suffer from stress than satisfied ones with their jobs (Madisori, 2000). Many studies have also been conducted on administrator stress management strategies (Dardick, 1990; Terril, 1993; Hartzell, 1994; Michell, 1996; Marnic, 1997; Laws, 1997; Goodsoon, 2000) found humor, exercise, discussion, and prayer as management strategies.

For example, studies on heart and respiratory disorders (Cohen & Herbert, 1996), common cold (Costa And VandeBos, 1996) some types of diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders such as being influenced by stress-related responses (Cohen, Frank, Doyle, Skonner, Rabbin, & Gwaltney, 1998). This is of particular concern as the leading cause of illness and may be reduced by adopting skills that help to relieve stress for the administrative staff university institutions. People try to manage their stress conditions and their strategies differ from person to person and situation to situation.

There is a clear indication from the literature that stress-related disorders are rapidly becoming the most frequent cause for workers' disabilities. For example, research in the United States found at least 40% of employee reductions turn out because of on-the-job stress (World Federation For Mental Health, 2000). In Japan, 59% of workers are found feeling 'tired' from work. Impact, 'Karoshi '' is a word for stress on It is said that the Japanese claimed about 10,000. The problem with Japanese stress is their refusal to search for help because of their culture of work obsession as a virtue and tiredness as a sign of weakness (Segal, 2020). A significant amount of research in recent decades implicated stress to be an important factor in susceptibility to diseases.

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