Passion to Be a Nurse

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Nursing is a career that I would have never seen myself, until I realized along the way that it is where I belong. I have always been the kind of person who needs to help. I tend to go out of my way and in many instances put others’ before myself. This is just in my nature to do so. I never ask for a reward in return, I choose to help because everyone needs to know that they are not alone and that there are good people in this world that want to help.

For as long as I could recall, I was determined of following my dream of joining the army because I would be helping my country and the millions living in it by being a part of something that big. I was involved in a handful of sports because it taught me many skills that I knew I needed in the future. I learned to communicate with my teammates and to be confident in my skills, but knew there was always room for improvement. Every day was a challenge and I knew it was only going to make me better. I gave it my all every time and I grew stronger and closer to my dream with every step I took. Unfortunately, while I grew stronger and focused on where I wanted to be, my mother began getting weaker and eventually became too ill to do anything. This is when my career path was changed.

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It was because of what happened to my mother and how helpless we felt that I decided I wanted to join the medical field. We had countless visits to our doctor, and emergency rooms that we became fairly known by the doctors, nurses, security, and other staff working. Although we always felt welcomed, this honestly aggravated me. I would ask myself: ‘Why is this happening to us?’. I would tell myself that all the personnel working in the hospital shouldn’t know our names because we should not be going through this. After some time, I learned to cope with it because I understood that things happen, and some things are out of my control, but I can do my best to support my mother. It was during this moment that I decided I wanted to join the medical field because it would help me not only understand what was going on with my mother, but also be able to help her in the long run. All the doctors who helped us out were amazing, but I can honestly say that all the nurses that helped us are the ones who truly gave us hope. When deciding I wanted to join the medical field, I decided to become a doctor, but as our relationship with the nurses grew stronger, I knew I needed to become a nurse. Doctors would come in and out, but the nurses would make us feel supported.

When beginning to attend Los Angeles Community College, I followed the articulation path that would enable me to complete the prerequisites required to transfer to a nursing program. During my courses and throughout life, I learned many valuable skills that would be transferable to nursing. I had the opportunity to volunteer at Kaiser Permanente and realized in my short time there that I truly had to work as hard as I could to be a part of that atmosphere. I could feel how truly passionate those nurses I saw were about their career and I saw myself in them. I suffered a broken ankle during the beginning of my volunteering that prohibited me from moving forward with my volunteering, but I learned a handful of skills from many nurses in various departments that I will use for when my time comes. I noted and acquired their critical thinking skills and attention to detail that are important factors when determining the level of care a patient requires. Being that I am a curious individual and am always seeking more knowledge, I asked questions during the appropriate times to gain as much knowledge as I could to become as great as I know I am capable of being.

I want to become a nurse and do what those nurses did for us for others. I genuinely want to make a difference in people’s lives and I know I have the characteristics and commitment to do so. I am ready and eager to pursue a career that asks for dedicated, compassionate, and trusting individuals to assist patients and their families through difficult times.

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