Great Adventure Being a Nurse

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Although I earned an Associate of Arts Degree, I became interested in nursing when my country of birth (Sierra Leone) was faced with an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus which decimated hundreds of the population. As more people lost their lives, I became increasingly aware of the importance of medical care in our society. Within that same year, I became a mother to a beautiful and precious little girl. My daughter was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia, which is a rare type of blood disorder. My interest in this noble profession became a commitment. I believe as a mother with a sick child, I will be an advocate for other parents because I have a better understanding of their struggles and challenges.

I aim to be successful in nursing school and beyond. One of my primary goals is to manage my time and prioritize effectively. I also intend to develop interpersonal skills and enhanced emotional intelligence to help me better understand and effectively communicate with patients. I will engage in patient advocacy, particularly with people dealing with the struggles and challenges of sickle cell anemia. I will show competency in my work by making it a mission to understand and rationalize everything I do as a nurse. I will strive to avoid medical errors and mistakes by taking time to verify medical processes and medication dosages. I will apply theoretical knowledge by researching various theories and medical information and then use that knowledge and information to be a better nurse. My education at Palm Beach Atlantic University is a major life goal in itself. I look forward to gaining immense knowledge that will be crucial to my career path towards the healthcare system.

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The notion of helping others has always been part of my existence, and it is what motivated me to choose nursing as a major. Caring is an important concept in nursing (Omari et al., 2013). To be a nurse, you must possess a genuine interest in the wellness of others, and it is a career that requires affection, time, and attention to people in need. I have always been a people's person, by continually participating in volunteering work in my community. My experience doing voluntary work has been priceless because it made me realize that the joy and fulfillment you get from helping people transcends any material reward. Secondly, nursing is an adventurous, as well as a continuous, learning field that will give me the opportunity to grow and expand. Furthermore, nursing will provide me with the flexibility to spend more time with my family.

I intend to commit myself to effectively take advantage of every opportunity provided to me and persistently work hard academically all through the program. Secondly, I will participate in programs like community service to those in of medical assistance. This process will enable me to expand my knowledge while gaining a unique multicultural learning experience, interacting with people of all backgrounds as well as absorbing their insights and sharing mine in and outside of class.

Like many of us, choosing this profession was brought on by past experiences which made me appreciate the field and its merits. As a nursing student, balancing classes, studying, and family obligations can be challenging. I want to succeed; therefore, I need to be proactive by studying ahead, staying on top of assignments, and taking the initiative to ask for help. I will develop skills that will help me provide genuine care, and promote fast track recovery. I believe in a continuous learning process as I continue to build and enhance my nursing skills to better serve my community. I have always considered a nurse to be someone who can put a smile on the face of someone who is going through the worst of crises. I believe that when a nurse makes a patient feel better, they are not only treating their illness but are also improving their quality of life. The essence of nursing is caring (McClendon, 2017b). That to me is precisely the kind of nurse I aspire to become. Being a nurse is an adventure as well as a continuous learning process that I would be committed to bravely undertake each day in search of life-changing events and cures.

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