Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

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I first became passionate in pursuing a career in nursing when I was about fifteen years old. This was influenced by the fact that I spent a lot of time in the hospital either because I was admitted there, looking after my mother, or looking after a family member. The care that the nurses gave to people they barely knew was what inspired me. It left a vacuum in my heart that needed to be filled. The last time I stayed at the hospital was when my mother was admitted. She was there for three months after she was diagnosed of cancer of the lungs. During my stay at the hospital, I decided to support the nurses, that is, when it is time for them to do rounds, I followed them around with their trolley and passed unto them what they need to administer drips, or medication to patients. While doing that I practically learned how to give injection to someone and to take blood. Before my mother was discharged from the hospital, she was given sixty injections to be administered every morning at 5:00 am. They were times that the nurse didn’t turn up and I had to administer it myself. My mother then said to me: 'It will be a good idea for you to do nursing as there is always someone who is ill in the family and you are was always the one pick to take them to the hospital'. I do enjoy caring for people in general and not just my family. It gives me a lot of satisfaction. My happiness in general relies on how I treat people and how they react towards it. To be honest I admire the nurses and in due course I will be a fully qualified mental health nurse.

When I finished my A levels, my plans were to go into nursing straightaway but there were no funds available until now that I can pursue my dreams. However, among the different areas of nursing my decision to pick mental health is influence by my own poor mental health. When I came to the UK, I claimed asylum and the process took up to four years before I was granted a resident permit. I was diagnosed of anxiety and depressive disorder. The best thing that could happen to me during that period was to commit suicide. I overcome my challenges and decided to go and volunteer with a local charity that support asylum seekers and refugees on a screening desk and with another charity that helps people with tinnitus as an administrator. During this period, I became optimistic and started to see life in a different way. Helping those people was what boost me up and because of this I picked mental health to give hope to other people in similar situation. I believe that the fact that I have experience it will give me a better understanding of my career. Like the great Roman leader Julius Caesar recorded the earliest known proverb ‘Experience is the best teacher'. Having experienced mental health problems and now choosing a career in this path to broaden my knowledge will give me the right skills and ability to relate to the patients excellently. If a patient should complaint about the thought of committing suicide, I can relate to how they are feeling as I have had this thought before. I am currently on a health science access course and so far, I have learned how the heart functions, and this is essential to mental health. The temporary state of depression, anxiety or more severe cases can influence the way the heart function which can increase the blood pressure or increased heart rate. I am also taking a part time job as a health care assistant. It’s a one to one care.

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On a typical day at work I will assist the service user with personal care, asked them how they are feeling that day, what they would like to eat giving them the option to choose from a variety. I assist patients with mental health problem, dementia, Parkinson disease. There are difficult days and difficult clients. It takes a lot of courage, patience to support vulnerable patients of which I know I possess. I consider myself to be very determined, friendly and easy to get along with anyone. I take everything I do seriously and enthusiastically.

After my degree, I will apply for a job in the hospital and work as mental health nurse or join the army. I believe that I possess the determination to enrol on to this course.

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