The Argumentation of the Desire to Get the Profession of a Nurse

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Living in different cultures throughout my lifetime, healthcare always seemed to be an essential component as to how the community would function. The backbone of the healthcare system is that of nurses, who bring palliative care to every patient. I wish to become an adult nurse so that I can support and advocate for unwell individuals as the rewarding feeling of so is incomparable.

Nursing requires great interaction amongst both the patients and colleagues, such as the doctors and other nurses. Having worked in retail for over 6 years, I understand the value of communication and attending to a customer’s needs, as each is different yet just as crucial. Recording stock in retail mirrors the importance of recording the medical history and symptoms of a patient as it not only displays responsibility but it ensures that the best medication can be provided according to so. Having studied a degree in Marketing and Management (Bachelors with Honour), I developed my critical thinking which proves useful in retail as I am able to think systematically and clearly when attending to a customer. The fast environment of a growing company means that I must always be attentive and on my feet all day as this simply maximises my efficiency to carry out a variety of tasks throughout the day as like it would be in a hospital environment.

Being a father of five, I possess the natural ability to feel responsible for another person. As like nurses, the way you communicate, interact and treat them affects them in the wider society and that is not something that should be taken lightly. For instance, when my youngest was placed in the NICU, I would never fail to see the same nurses upon arrival which emphasised the relationships that can be built between nurses and patient’s families as they facilitated the care required for my daughter to develop. This is a trait that makes loved ones feel secure that their mother, father, son, or daughter is in the best hands possible in terms of treatment and care. As an Irish-Nigerian, the principle of interdependence is crucial for the society to work, which is replicated in nursing alongside multiple members of a care team to perform interventions for a range of different patients.

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Having decided to return back to education this late in my life, is a decision that has not been easy for me and my family, but ultimately is the correct one, as I feel I have more to offer now more than ever. The opportunities here as a nurse is commendable as the profession is in high demand whether it be in private or the NHS which compels me even more, as I feel obligated to give back to a country that has helped me and my family for many years.

In my everyday life, I believe that I embrace the 6C’s of nursing especially in my free time, where I like to speak to old friends from Nigeria, watch movies with my family and cook. Often talking to companions embraces the skill of compassion as there is an established level of mutual respect and empathy is provided whenever needed. Effective time management and attention to detail are also crucial skills that enable a nurse to do their job as it ensures high work quality, lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, ensures accurate medication dosages and observes slight changes in the condition of the patient. All of which are essential for the role of the nurse to be carried out successfully, which I show whenever cooking. As for watching movies frequently with my family, it allows me to appreciate the commitment required to maintain a supportive and kind atmosphere within the household, an atmosphere that is also found amongst nurses.

Nursing is a challenging profession that can include, 24-hour care, on-call shifts, and stress yet I am confident that being able to constantly learn, as well as provide action and care to those in need will be worth it. Therefore as a diligent, passionate individual I intend to contribute to the nursing service by any means necessary.

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