Nursing as a Profession Essay

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Table of contents

  1. The Appeal of Nursing
  2. Nursing Challenges
  3. Conclusion

The nursing profession has been a cornerstone of healthcare for centuries. Yet, it has only recently been given due recognition as an essential part of the medical team. Nurses are on the front lines, providing care to patients in all areas of health care, from helping with admissions to offering comfort and support to patients in their time of need. In this essay, we will explore what draws people to the nursing profession, as well as some unique challenges they face.

The Appeal of Nursing

Nurses are a cornerstone of the healthcare system, providing essential medical care to those who most need it. This includes infants and children, older adults, people with mental illness and substance abuse disorders, victims of trauma or abuse, immigrants and refugees, homeless individuals at risk of becoming homeless, veterans and military families, survivors of natural disasters and other events of significance, as well as patients who are terminally ill. Nurses are there for all these people and their loved ones during some of life's most difficult times.

One of the first things that draws people to nursing is its immense variety. Whether in a hospital or private practice setting, nurses have opportunities to specialize based on their interests and skill set. From pediatric nurse practitioners to labor and delivery nurses to oncology nurses, there are many different roles for nurses to choose from.

Nurses also get the satisfaction of being able to make a difference in other people’s lives through direct patient care. For example, nurses can provide comfort and support during challenging times like end-of-life care or help families transition into parenthood after birth.

Moreover, nursing is an occupation that can offer stability and security for years to come. As the population ages, millions of Americans will continue to rely on nurses for their healthcare needs, whether it's providing preventative care or helping them recover from illness or injury. Moreover, if you're a people-oriented individual, nursing may be the perfect career; few other jobs can bring as much reward to both patient and practitioner alike.

Nursing Challenges

Of course, with any job comes challenges; this is especially true for those who work in healthcare. Nursing is an extremely challenging profession. The demands placed on nurses are tremendous, and many times they must work under trying conditions. In fact, the profession has been ranked as one of the top three most stressful jobs in America.

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It can be emotionally draining for nurses who must deal with complex cases day after day. Nurses must be able to remain calm under pressure and treat patients professionally despite their feelings about the situation at hand.

Nursing can be physically challenging, from long hours spent on their feet to exposure to infectious diseases through contact with patients or contaminated materials. Moreover, nurses are often required to work extended shifts, sometimes over 12 hours, with hardly any break time in-between. Night shifts and weekend shifts are also common for nurses, making it difficult for them to adjust their sleep cycles as they may be sleeping during the day or working at night when others are awake.

In addition to it, nurses are often treated like second-class citizens by patients, families, doctors, and even other staff members. This disrespect can come in many forms — from being yelled at to having your authority challenged at every turn. Sometimes it can be difficult to remain professional when someone treats you poorly or questions your judgment or knowledge about something very basic.


From its long history stretching back hundreds of years ago all the way up until modern times, nursing has always been an integral part of healthcare delivery around the world.

Its broad range of roles provide potential nurses with nearly limitless options when choosing a specialty; however, those pursuing a career in nursing must be prepared for some unique challenges along the way, too!

Despite these challenges, though, nursing remains one of the most rewarding careers today — one that allows individuals to make a lasting impact on others’ lives daily!

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