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Essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse

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Reflecting on my educational experiences, I have Adult Nursing is what I want to do. My interest in Adult Nursing grew and was recognized when doing a work placement at an elderly nursing home named Charlton Park Care Home. I later got an offer to take on a paid part-time job as a health care assistant in the dementia unit. The reason why I am interested to study nursing at university is the idea of supporting and giving back to the community on a larger scale. I want to be able to support others who are in need and are incapable to aid for themselves, Adult Nursing is an altruistic profession that I want to be a part of. It also allows me to work in numerous places, therefore, it introduces different work scenarios to experience throughout this career, which is what I am up for.

Throughout my academic years in college, I have learned how vital person-centered care and the 6c’s are in the Adult Nursing field. A prime example of the 6c’s is communication. This enhances morality and values to support adult patients during their care and the aftermath, for instance checking up on patients and ensuring they are persistent with doctor’s instructions and comprehensive care is provided. As well as to add that I have gained more understanding of the NHS how it started, how it works, and why it was put in place. At university, I am looking forward to studying how the body works, in terms of what to do and how to treat it, and using the same equipment you will find in a healthcare setting.

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Whilst at the nursing home during my work experience, I really enjoyed taking part in creating activities for the residents and their families, communicating and taking care of them, and reassuring them if they feel anxious. The service users had different needs and conditions, and I have gained an understanding of how to equalize and adjust their individual needs and meet them which exhibits my use of initiative. That alone attracts me, even more, to take on adult nursing. I have learned how to work well in teams with other professionals and has made me increase the value of how significant it is to obey instructions given by the senior staff. It helped me to realize how important it is to reassure the service users and that is a vital skill to have as a nurse. I also took away from the experience what it is like to work, working according to time, routines to be followed ensuring that everything is set in advance, this helped me in terms of being organized and how important it is to be. These skills will help me in university too in terms of being on time for lectures, preparing and planning ahead of time, and more.

As part of my course, it required another work placement where I chose a primary school and worked with receptionists aged 4-5 years old. Although they are early years, what I have grasped from this experience can be interpreted and put into practice when working with adults. Skills and attributes such as: communicating and listening, patience, staying calm in an emergency, and dealing with challenging behavior. The idea of working under pressure is satisfying as it causes the best possible job to be fulfilled, whether it is reassuring a stressed patient or treating serious conditions. Again this is another reason why I want to be a nurse.

By becoming a nurse I look forward to supporting the NHS. By attending conferences held by other nurses from many different wards, I would hope to learn and benefit from these meetings as they would have an effective input towards the changing quality of patient care. When I have time to spare, I like going to the gym as it allows me to think, reflect and keep fit. Besides this, I enjoy taking part in singing in a choir at church. Going into Adult Nursing I know how difficult it can be and I am willing to embrace the challenge. Nurses have the ability to make choices and decisions that consider diverse support which is considered to individual needs. Choosing this career will help fill my ambitions of supporting individuals, caring for individuals, and understanding what nursing is all about.

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