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Internship Challenges After Study in India

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The summer time is nearly on us. And, it is also the season when students all over are going to start looking for fetching internships to boom their career forward. Yet, most of you might know that internships can be beneficial for your career, what really are the benefits of an internship and what makes them a good choice for the long run?

In reality, admiring a good internship should be the conclusion of your difficulty for the moment. We aren’t very dedicated to be the one to burst the dream but it is actually the beginning of a new set of concerns. It is a test do hit hard because it is the initial time you are in such a framework and aren’t very well known with work-life cases. Though you could be lucky plenty to get a smooth run throughout, there are minimal moments that you will get away each one of the internship challenges faced by trainee. The virtuous object is that if you are at present aware of these internship tasks, you can handle them well instead of allowing it breakup your internship practice.

Here are listing the common internship issues you may face and their resolutions:

If you are doing very good in one field and your trainer didn’t acknowledge you. As you are doing good and still want to achieve the goals, unfortunately it is hardly appreciated and that’s behaviour is discouraging.

Supporting Idea: Generate your own plan; There is wisdom that you’re always being assessed, says Ron Feldman, 22, who interned at companies including Merrill Lynch and Salomon Smith Barney in New York. As far it is such a short spell of time, there is not large amount of margin of mistake. If you were to make a big blunder that would certainly be remembered.” Feldman offered this simple guidance: “If you don’t recognise something, it’s better to ask than to try it on your own and mess it up.”

Solution: The way out to such tasks is to understand that firm work doesn’t get unnoticed for lengthy. If capacity get overlooked the first time, second time, but determination is the key. If you always perform well your work can’t be ignore. So, don’t feel unhappy and keep up the great work. It is quite possible when you are fresh to the organization and are expect to be there for a temporary time period.

Supporting Idea: By what means your company can assistance:

“The ideal internships are when there is an assignment and the company hires interns to take on a piece of it. Or when there’s something taking place that they can assign to interns,” Schein says. “In a best possible situation, when a student’s time is up, everyone can see what he or she did.”

One of the usual internship tests faced by a large number of apprentice. While you might expect to be an important part of the organization, you are often offered just assisting jobs to your seniors and mentors.

Supporting Idea: Provide learner real work assignments: Providing interns with real work is number one to ensuring your program’s success. Apprentice should be doing work related to their major, that is challenging, that is recognized by the organization as valuable, and that fills the entire work term.

Solution: You might find your work trivial but in reality, nothing is irrelevant if it matters somewhere in the operations of the company.

Yes, if you are just making coffee for everyone, need to take a initial step. Otherwise, it is quite ordinary to start with less-risky work. However, if you do well, you will soon be trusted by the management and allotted with better assignments and projects.

Hold Orientations allow all Involved: It’s important that everyone “be on the same page,” so to speak. Make this happen by holding an orientation session for managers and mentors as well as a session for students. Orientations ensure that everyone starts with the same expectations and role definitions. This is time well spent—the effort you put into these sessions will pay off throughout the program.

Many companies recruit lesser interns than require and put up the full work load on the few. If you happen to join such firms, you will feel guilt to be trusted with so much work when you aren’t even aware to working in a specialized setting.


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1. Work as per to outline schedules and targets.

2. Take way well and able to work with high liability

3. Handle own work and tracks progress

4. Responsible, detail-oriented, practical, independent and keen to learn

5. Find resources to get things done

6. Capable to multi-task and reorganize to changing priorities

Solution: Maybe because you are new and do not get the directions easily, you feel that the work is too much. Wait for a week or two to decide if it is so. If you think the work load is taking a toll on your performance and personal health, get in touch with your mentor/senior and talk to them about it.

Interns, as students, admire any opportunity to acquire new skills or increase their understanding. Developing a plan for training throughout the internship will keep students concerned in the post and ready to face new challenges. Ongoing training may include the following:

• Skill development.

There may be need for training in particular skills such as computer programs, office equipment, or other tasks directly related to the job. Even bright students with great potential will struggle if they are not instructed in the specifics related to successful completion of responsibility.

• Shadowing.

Allow interns to participate in project and conference. Interns may have leadership potential but not understand the values of your organization. They will rely on their supervisor to educate them.

That are the common apprenticeship task are faced by students doing internships in India. But if you really find out, they aren’t that grave or impossible. Adjust in a new place is not an easy task, but if you are showing tolerant enough, you can win against plenty of challenges within no time.

Pairing a scholarship with your internship is a great way to recruit for your internship program—and this is especially true if you are having difficulty attracting a particular type of student or student with a specific skill set to your program. Attaching a scholarship can increase your pool of candidates with the desired qualifications.

Students work very hard at completing their work and are generally proud of their performance. Place setting a venue for them to do presentations (formal presentations or in a fair-type setting such as an expo) not only allows them to demonstrate their achievements, but also showcases the internship program to all employees.

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