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Essay on How Will This Internship Benefit You

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Since Jacobi Hospital is a large facility, it’s almost always very busy. I’ve learned a lot of different aspects of my field. This was one expectation I had before starting the internship, to learn different aspects of my field. My second expectation was taking orders from a manager and completing my daily assigned tasks. Although to some extent this expectation I had made before starting my internship was accurate, however, one thing that made this expectation different was that my manager gave me an opportunity to show my leadership skills and gave me an opportunity to manage a small team. I was very grateful for this opportunity as well as for the assignment assigned to me. The leadership assignment that my manager assigned me to was to host a fund-raising event to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. I never expected to be assigned to such a huge task like this. I defiantly learned a lot during this experience and acquired many new skill sets that I believe will help me in my future career path.

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My internship has defiantly clarified if not changed my educational and career goals. One of the many benefits I have obtained from this internship is the meaning of leadership. As mentioned, before I was assigned to a project that I was not even expecting to be assigned to. I also learned that as a health administrator, you don’t always sit behind a screen and complete your tasks sometimes your work requires you to do physical activities. I learned that when I was assigned the fundraising task for breast cancer awareness. One of the things my manager insisted I learn was to think outside of the box. After I had completed this assignment at my internship, he told me the true reason why he had put me in charge of the fundraising event for breast cancer awareness. My manager wanted me to be able to think outside the box when an emergency situation was to occur, so as I completed my day-to-day task, she came up to me one day and told me how she was busy, and she needed someone to help her with the breast cancer awareness event. It was that day when I learned that as a health administrator you sometimes are assigned tasks that require immediate actions. This experience made me love my field even more because it assured me that I won’t be stuck doing the same task over and over again when I actually start my career and that I will have many different opportunities to work on a different tasks in order to gain new skills and learn different aspects of my field.

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