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Internship Report on My Finance Experience

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It is important for an individual to reflect and evaluate hisher performance after performing a task and it is also important for me to evaluate my performance during my internship. Reflecting on my internship experience and the skills learnt, I realize the weaknesses and strengths I had during my time at Care for Basotho Association. The weaknesses had a negative impact and the strengths had a positive impact on my overall performance.

I had a few weaknesses during my internship at CBA; one of the weaknesses was that I was afraid to communicate with the employees when I first arrived at the organization and that slowed down my work because I was too afraid of asking questions. Not asking questions delayed my learning process and I made mistakes because I just did work how I thought it must be done not according to the correct procedures. As weeks passed by, I managed to find confidence to ask when I came across something I had no idea how it is done.

Another weakness that I had was that my work was disorganized because I did not know how filing was done, both physically and in the system; lack of knowledge slowed down my productivity. In the first few weeks I would leave the documents piled up neatly in the locker but would not file them in their appropriate file holders. As a result, I struggled when I had to prepare the reports but I eventually learnt how to file from the finance officer and my work improved after that.

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Though I had weaknesses, I also had strengths that enhanced the productivity of my work during the internship at CBA. One of the strengths I had is adaptability: adaptability refers to the ability to adjust to a different situation or environment. I found it easy to adapt to Care for Basotho Association’s work environment, that is, I managed to learn how tasks are completed within a short period of time and that enabled work to be completed faster.

Another strength I had is self-discipline: self-discipline refers to the ability of an individual to control, correct and motivate himherself as a means of improving work. With self-discipline, I managed to meet the deadlines and that meant I would even work on Saturdays or knock off late if I had to so the tasks could be completed on time. Another strength was positivity, I believed that I could manage all my tasks and overcome any obstacle related to my work at CBA.

In a nutshell, the internship programme at Care for Basotho Association has been exciting and rewarding opportunity for me because I got exposed to the finance related activities and the work environment. It became a stepping stone into the real world work life and I got a chance to apply the knowledge I grasped at Botho University. I managed to complete my internship report because of the knowledge, attitudes and experience I learnt from CBA. The internship report entails the activities I was tasked to perform, the challenges I encountered during my internship period as well as the strengths and weaknesses I had. It also includes relating the experience to the subjects learnt at Botho University; the traits and the principles of Botho University. Moreover, I had a chance to evaluate my performance and gave recommendations of how my work had to be improved.

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