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Personal Motivation for Getting a Ph.D Research in Cybersecurity

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I am interested in doing a Ph.D. research in cybersecurity because I aspire to become a renowned cybersecurity expert and join the fight against cyber threats and attacks. I understand that there is an obvious shortage of professionals, especially women, in the field of cybersecurity. So, I aspire to reduce the dearth of experts and women in the field of cybersecurity and eventually mentor secondary school students in West Africa to take cybersecurity as a career. For my Ph.D. research, I am interested in evaluating the cybersecurity and data privacy issues that are introduced by using personal electronic devices at libraries in the United States, and the lessons that could be derived for libraries in Nigeria.

My motivation for taking up cybersecurity research stems from my academic background in computer science as well as my over ten years of professional cum academic experiences, as a systems programmer, a systems librarian and an academic staff at two universities in Nigeria. As a systems librarian, I am both a professional and academic staff. I administer library systems, lecture undergraduate students, conduct research and perform community services. The main stimulus for my interest in this Ph.D. research in cybersecurity is my first-hand experience of cyber-attack on one of the servers that I currently administer.

My proposed Ph.D. research will answer these questions: whether or not we give too much information away, to systems that can be easily hacked for they are poised to so many vulnerabilities. What are the steps put in place to protect library users’ information in England? Do the libraries prevent users from using personal devices while in the libraries for data safety reasons? What is the right approach to help library users take security measures in the attempt to ensuring data protection when using personal electronic devices in the library?

The research will use interviews to collect data from the respondents. The different types of interviews will include; telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and finally computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI). The research design method that will be used is the conclusive research design. The proposed study will use a descriptive conclusive research design since it will answer questions as to how libraries protect users’ information. Conclusive research is one that includes; content analysis, narrative analysis, and finally, discourse analysis.

The significance of the project is that its results will go a long way in informing both the library workers and users across the world, especially those in third world countries like Nigeria on cybersecurity and data privacy issues that come with allowing library users to use their personal electronic devices. The research will also help in sensitizing library workers and users of methods that have been tried and proven to work for mitigating cyber and data privacy threats and attacks by libraries in the United States, from which libraries in Nigeria and others can learn lessons.

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My fluency in English was acquired through formal education. I passed the English language with a credit grade at the West African Examinations Council’s Senior School Certificate Examination in June 1998. Moreover, all my educational studies from the elementary level to master degree level were received with English as a medium of communication, and English is the official language in my country. In addition, I passed the IELTS test of English with an overall band of 7.0 (Writing: 6.5; Reading: 6.5; Speaking: 7.0; Listening: 7.0)

As an active member of my national and international library, information science, computer and Internet societies, I gained experience giving presentations to a variety of audiences. I have presented papers at local, international and global conferences and workshops, and I have also been a member of local, national and international conferences/workshops facilitating teams, including the African Internet Governance Forum and International Federation of Library Institutions and Associations (IFLA).

I will love to have my Ph.D. research at Northeastern University because of the interdisciplinary nature of its research. This is because carrying out this research will enable me to collaborate with, adopt methods from, and disseminate the research results to, diverse fields including computer science, social science, and humanities, engineering, information assurance, and information security, among others.

Having my Ph.D. at Northeastern University will provide me with the opportunity to be surrounded by people who share the same interests and ambitions with me. I will have the opportunity to mix with colleagues from various backgrounds and talents, and this will enhance my being a better participant during team works. I understand that a career in cybersecurity is not for the indecisive or the lazy. The required hard work, challenges and long hours of study can only be successfully sustained by passion, and I have got that passion for research, academics and the ability to share knowledge with others. This also is another reason that led to my decision to pursue a Ph.D. degree in cybersecurity.

I am excited about the challenges that are ahead of me in Ph.D. research and cybersecurity careers, and I accept them with great excitement. After the completion of my Ph.D. research, I want to advance my career in the cybersecurity industry.

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