Why Do You Choose To Work In The Air Force As A Nurse?

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I choose to join the Air Force as a nurse because I am passionate about providing unique patient care to individuals in the military. The thought of caring for the heroes who fight for not only our nation but the entire world makes me feel accomplished and contented. In particular, becoming a nurse in the Air force not only allows me to focus on the delivery of patient care but will provide me with an opportunity and tools needed to develop my career and thus continue training and growing as I become a respected leader in my field. Moreover, it is evident that the Air Force provides numerous opportunities for skills and career advancement and the incredible benefits are evident.

Now that I am certified in critical care and I have achieved a high level of clinical expertise, I have realized that there is more to do. Although I can coast in this place of professional and mastery satisfaction for a while, but that is not how I roll, I mean the health care landscape changes frequently, so elevating my professionalism and marketability is critical in my case. Therefore, as a critical care nurse with confidence and experience, I want to earn a master’s degree that will provide even vast opportunities for me to advance. I believe that I can accomplish even more for patients by becoming a nurse leader. Consequently, I would love to be a progressive nurse leader who nurtures other nurses towards mastery and skills, and this is where my passion now lies.

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The health professions play a crucial role in the military and have a huge impact on the overall well-being of American service men and women. As health expert I am extremely excited about getting an opportunity to take part in this noble cause of providing unique patient care by offering good health and safety. Moreover, the health facility department often provide training in the field of nursing and valuable leadership skills that lasts a lifetime. I believe that an experience with the military will teach me to be open, direct, and honest as well as confident in my interactions with both patients and other medical professionals.

The Air Force perceives nurses as integral to the top-rate healthcare they provide to men and their families in the Air Force. Nurses are treated as essential members of the healthcare team. They provide personal care in the state-of-the art medical facilities or aeromedical evacuation in the entire world. With comprehensive training in my field, I have vast knowledge in nursing and provision of unique patient care. In Particular, I possess a unique combination of skills and experiences that make me stand out from the crowd. For instance, from this interview you can tell that my communication skills are solid and remarkable, a fundamental element for a career in nursing. I can also ascertain that nursing is a stressful job where traumatic situations are common and thus emotional stability, empathy, and attentiveness to details are critical skills required to successfully provide adequate personal care to injured patients in the military. I am confident that my competencies, in patient care, deployment, and leadership will play a vital role in accomplishing the responsibilities assigned to me as an Air Force nurse practitioner.

Spending the better part of a day or night working in a hospital can already burn me a hundred of fats and calories. However, am not fit enough, walking and running around to cater for patients’ needs can prove difficult. To make sure I stay in the top shape, I have established a personal fitness routine whereby I engage in it early in the morning before work and in the evening after work. For instance, I do planks which target my inner and core muscles, hamstring muscles, and glutes. I also do squats and unilateral exercises and shoulder shrugs. The planks are important for improving posture, better balance, and improved general fitness that is critical for physical demands of nursing. Doing squats helps prevent knee and hip injuries while lifting and assisting patients, essential for improving the strength of hamstrings. I am well conversant with the Air Force fitness routine undertaken by service men and women in the military. In particular, the fitness program is categorized into four areas; aerobics, push-ups, crunches, and body composition. The scores in each area are determined by gender, body measurements, age, and amount of elapsed or repetition time. I believe that upon joining the military as a nurse, I will align my fitness program with that of the air force to ensure that I meet the requirements of the program.

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