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Demonstration as a Coaching Strategy: Informative Essay

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary (2020), a demonstration is “the act of showing someone how to do something, or how something works”. The ability to demonstrate a skill competently to participants is a vital part of coaching, and it is the most common means of communicating skill performance.

The aim of teaching using the demonstration method is to indicate the procedure of occurrence of an event coherent to the teaching, how they are achieved, and how easy it is for the participants to understand the teaching-learning process.

Demonstrations in use as a teaching strategy may prove to be beneficial for participants with special learning needs. ResearchGate (2017) states that demonstrations can be effective for low-achieving students that may have high visual intelligence but limited cognitive abilities. The use of demonstrations in a coaching session can be easier to understand for the participants as it creates a visual picture that helps them remember.

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Coach & A.D. (2017) states that the coach must demonstrate the key coaching points throughout the session and a demonstration should be provided at the start of the session with participants taking notes.

Concerning Amplified Soccer (2017), tips for how to effectively demonstrate a skill are provided. The quality of the demonstrations is vital in coaching, as the coach has to ensure that they are clear and follow a step-by-step process. This gradual step-by-step process will assist in the participants learning the skill or tactic the coach is showing them. Another tip is for the coach to try and include the participants as much as possible. This can be done by asking questions or using the players to demonstrate the skill or tactic. By doing this, it keeps participants engaged in the session and helps them remember, and by asking questions, it lets the coach know if the players understand the demonstration. The coach’s voice must be heard, as varying his/her tone of voice will keep the players engaged in the skill that the coach is demonstrating. Their positioning is also important, as it is vital that the players can see what is taking place. Also, the coach should apply the demonstration to an appropriate sport or game situation, this ensures that all players will understand and know how to use this skill within their sport or match situations.

When I am delivering my own session, the demonstration will be a vital part. I will take on these tips to effectively deliver how to correctly do a handstand using the ‘how to’ coaching skills, and I will ensure the participants are clear on all aspects of the skill with little to no confusion.

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