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Essay about the Greatest Soccer Player - Pelé

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Pelé was probably the best soccer player in the world. Some people even think he is the greatest athlete of all time. He is a hero in the soccer world.

Pelé was originally named Edson Arantes do Nascimento after Thomas Edison. He got the name Pelé when he mispronounced the name of the Goal Keeper Bile, pronouncing it ‘Pelé’. To get some extra money he was a tea shop waiter. Since he didn’t have enough money to buy a soccer ball, he was known to play with a sock filled with a newspaper.

Pelé played indoor soccer a lot when he was a kid. This helped him with dribbling and speed. He also played on a minor league soccer team. They were coached by a guy named Waldemar de Brito. Eventually, Waldemar de Brito convinced Pelé’s parents for Pelé to try out for Santos FC. He made the team and started playing left forward. Soon, he became the top scorer in the league. People thought he was about to be a star player.

You might be wondering why Pelé was good at soccer. He was very good at accurate and powerful kicks. He also was good at deciding where to pass. This is a very good combination of skills for a soccer player. He was also good at predicting people's moves.

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Pelé soon got drafted to play for Brazil in the World Cup. He helped them win 5- 2 against Sweden by scoring 2 goals. He was awarded the second-best player in the World Cup that year. After the World Cup, Brazil made Pelé a national treasure to make sure Pelé wouldn’t play for European teams.

Pelé eventually retired from Santos FC in 1974. However, he started to play for the New York Cosmos soon after. This is important because he made soccer popular in America. In 1977, the New York Cosmos won the North American Soccer League. After that, he retired. His last game was the Cosmos against Santos FC; he played for both teams. He didn’t stop getting awards there.

Pelé won many awards after he retired. He was awarded Player of the Century by FIFA, and the Olympics. He also won the International Peace Award. He scored the most goals for a player from Brazil. Of the 1363 games he played, he scored 1281 goals. That means he would score about 94% of the time.

Pelé shaped the way we think of the game. He inspired the USA to play soccer. He created the famous phrase “the beautiful game”. From my point of view, Pelé is truly the greatest soccer player who ever lives.

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