Life of Fidel Castro and His Influence on Americans: Opinion Essay

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The Impact Of Castro

Fidel Castro’s role has had an incredible impact on the culture of Miami. The city has gone from a retirement area for businessmen, to an area used as a refuge or people fleeing Cuba. The culture is now predominantly Latin. When Castro ascended into rule, he became a catalyst that led many to flee Cuba, no matter the risk. People would come over by very perilous means, just to escape. As they planted roots in south Florida, they influenced culture there through opening shops, restaurants and by buying houses. Most neighborhoods in Miami are predominantly Hispanic, and mostly Cuban. When Castro died, the streets of Miami erupted with spontaneous celebrations. The man who had caused so much pain and suffering to these people, his rule was finally over. Many people in Miami had parents who sent them to America in hopes that they could have a life free from his tyrannical rule. A lot of these immigrants had parents, friends, or family members that died at the hand’s of Fidel Castro, either inadvertently through starvation or through literal murder.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, also known as Fidel Castro, was born on August 13, 1926 in southeastern Cuba. Fidel was one of seven children to his parents Angel Castro and Lina Ruz Gonzalez. Fidel grew up with the last name Ruz until his father married his mother, and then he began using the last name Castro. Growing up Fidel went to a Roman Catholic boarding school in Santiago Cuba and then a Catholic high school in Havana. During those years Castro had shown major talent and interest in baseball. After high school in 1945 Fidel enrolled into the School of Law of the University of Havana where he mainly focused on politics. During Castro’s adult years he had gotten married to two separate women and conceived many children with both of them. Not much information is publicly known about Castro’s wives and children.

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Throughout his life, Castro has done many things relating to being in control. From 1959-2008 he was the political leader of Cuba. During his time as political leader he turned Cuba into the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere. Castro then became known as the prime minister until 1976 which then lead him to becoming president of the Council of Ministers and the Council of State. In July 2006 Fidel Castro gave up his power and position in the government because of health issues which lead to February 2008 where he gave up his presidency.

Why Does This Matter? Opinion column

America is a country of immigrants, the country was founded by Europeans. This is what makes America so great. Our American culture is a blend of other world ideas, languages, personalities, and peoples. These Cubans were fleeing a murderous dictator, and the U.S.A needs to be able to accept the refugees. Not only should we accept them, we should welcome them because these people are hard workers who have created a better economy for Miami, and the United States as a whole. As long as the people coming here come through legally and don't sneak in, they should be welcomed. If the people get proper documentation, and they're being good citizens once they get here,

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