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Essay about My Grandma: The Person I Love the Most

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The person I love the most is my grandma. One of the most important reasons that I love her the most is my belly. Each one when he wants to talk about his grandma, he first talks about her food. She cooks the best food; she can cook any dish but certainly not new dishes. She's very good at cooking local dishes like mujadara, kosa, taboule. Whenever I go to her home, I found my favorite dishes. she always makes extra dishes, if I visit her unexpectedly. she doesn't have a specific ingredient for food, she just adds the ingredients randomly and a delicious dish is prepared.

The second reason that I love her very much because she’s too lovely. Mom told me that when I was newborn, my grandma didn’t allow anyone to hold me except her. When I get sick, she keeps calling me and asking me how I am. once I arrive at the village, she invites me for dinner, and she forces me to sleep at her home.

I love in my grandma that she loves taking care of animals. In the village, she owns many kinds of animal-like, cats, dogs, chickens and other different animals.

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She laughs at everything. Grandma has reached a point in her life where she doesn't take life too seriously. My grandma will laugh at all your jokes. She taught me how to accept any problem with laughing. When I feel sad or desperate, she tries to teach me the value of laughter. When I failed to enter the college last semester, I was hopeless, disappointed. My grandma knew about my failure, so she came to me and tried to calm me, she helped me to pass this situation. The whole semester I was living at my granny home.

I like the stories that grandma tells me, even if I am an adult but listening to my grandmother make me happy and enjoyable. When my family visit my grandma and we feel boring, she starts singing old sings; she has an amazing voice.

She always wants to help. She understands me more than anyone despite the difference in age. My secret is her secret, I tell everything that happens with me. If I want to talk about my problems, she is the first listener. She treats with the problem with a wise and civilized way. As an example, when I get to fight with my parents, I go direct to her and she always fixes it.

I can't imagine my life without my grandma, she is my idol. My grandma is a very important person in my life. She spreads happiness. She is the number one in solving problem. I am so glad that there is person told grandma in my life.

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