The Faith In Christianity

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Faith means knowledge and connecting power into the spiritual realm which links us with God and makes Him become a tangible reality to the perceptions of a person. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the proof of things not seen. It is also a concept which can’t be forced or created easily; the person must experience, gain insight of things from culture, community, school, etc. in order for the person to accept and have faith. Regarding the faith in Christianity, I interviewed my mom and asked a few questions about her conviction and her thoughts about it. The reason I preferred her because she is a spiritual, dedicated person in my current life. I received my wisdom of God and his existence through my discussions with my mom and church. Her judgments and explanations not only provided me with awareness but also deepened my belief in God who cherishes me unconditionally.

Firstly, I asked her the following question “What is your concept of God? How did you come to understand this concept? She replied with an inspirational response, “I view him as the creator of this world and everything in it. I believe that everything created by God is beyond our any human creations and thoughts. Us, humans can only maintain what God has created, but we cannot be the creators. This can be seen in human bodies for example. As we can transplant organs if one organ is not processing properly, but we cannot create/replicate the same organ. I came to understand this concept through my culture, family, community, school, books and also, through my own experiences. As many of my problems have been miraculously solved due to my strong belief and connection between God and me. This not only developed my faith but also brought to be closer to Him.”

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After receiving the answer to the first question, I came to realize that my faith is comparable to my mother’s perception of God. As I believe God is the creator and redeemer of everyone, I consider that God equally has a separate plan for each one of us. I agree with my mother on God’s creation being beyond human insight and invention. Not only that, but we take God’s creation for granted and do not consider it like a gift given to us. Her opinion and wisdom of God helped me understand that God signifies a great spiritual being beyond our understandings. This answer helped me acknowledge how an omnipotent God is and how God’s conception is finely attuned and complicated which not even humans can replicate. This ties with the rational proofs in theology to explain God’s existence; here, it connects with teleological proof by William Paley. Where every being and substance in this universe is designed perfectly and complex like a wristwatch and its mechanism. In the end, this intensified my belief in God and also advanced my understanding that strong trust and relationship between me and God can make anything in this world attainable. Also, to believe in God does not simply mean to realize the truths of the world, but to realize that everyone’s life has a meaning and is specially designed for a purpose.

Then I asked her the next question “Where do you look to find Grace/God in our turbulent world? She said, “I find Grace, through prayers and meditation; but mostly when I, myself am in tragedy or painful situation. I feel the Grace of God when I am in difficult situations; as it is the time where I connect myself with God and find Grace in my life. “Ask and you will be given. Knock and it will be opened. Seek and you shall find.” I strongly believe in this quote, as not only does it remind me God is always listening, but also is present everywhere. The only thing we have to do is ask and search for him and his grace.”

The answer I received for my second question was totally relatable to me. Since I find myself at the doorstep of God’s house when I am experiencing pain or depression. Not only that, but her response helped me grasp that God will provide you with everything if you pray/ ask for it and your trust is profound. Since the covenant between God and humans have never been broken, God will always look out for us no matter what. After Jesus had come, he renewed the old covenant and gave us another opportunity to connect to God with our will. God nevermore rejects us; He solely invites us to seek for the Grace and joy that every individual demand in their lives. Besides, His powers remain infinitely transcendent, He is omnipresent in this intact world. His presence is in large amounts or in small but, to sense it, we need to have a firm conviction and dedication of seeking for God. Furthermore, the way my mom attains grace through prayer; I too gain God’s Grace through prayer, but I mostly experience Grace through humanity/people themselves. As people who appreciate me, have trust in me and I in them; brings me grace wherever and whatever circumstance I am in because they are always there to comfort me like God. In addition, I equally find compassion through the phenomena of nature and its aspects; as God has caused astonishing spectacles of life which bring peace to my mind away from all the misery and despair. Mercy comes while people are vulnerable and dedicated to each other and God. Being helpless only allows many others and me to develop faith in God and the surrounding people. I, myself am very exposed to people I am close in a connection with like my best friend, family and brother, etc. This only increases my trust in those people and God but also helps me grow more faithful and close to Jesus and God.

Lastly, I asked her the question “Why is not God helping us to make the world a better place if his power is unlimited?” She said, “Everyone is not following God, and he loves only those who love him dearly. If God provides everything for mankind, then they will have no need to communicate with God. This way people become separated as they will no longer recognize and appreciate his presence, creations; deeds, etc. So by not helping us at once and giving everything we want, God can test people and communicate with them at the same time. This way people will get closer to God, and many remember God in difficult situations. Another this is that; God has a plan/mission for every one of us. There are problems but if you take your problems and you cry to God then all your problems will be solved. There are more problems due to greediness and wanting more of what we already have. Unfortunately, after we die, we have no possession of any things so following God’s rules can give many a better life. Jesus said, “I am the life, truth and the way; whoever eats it will get eternal life. “his plans are better than ours. He knows better for us than us.”

Last, my mother’s answer to the last question reassured me that people who communicate, love and believe in God, are cherished dearly by God himself. If we obey God’s commands and follow his teachings, not only do we find contentment but also create a place in the Kingdom of God. For example, the parable of the Good Samaritan. Two people walked by and none of them helped the injured man; none of them followed the teachings of God, but a Samaritan came and helped. God values people who attend His requirements and grants them a healthy and good life. Jesus tells many parables which teach people about God’s Kingdom and his personality. He reveals God’s intentions on human creation; as well the correct way to follow God’s teachings. Additionally, I admire how she discussed the quote said by Jesus. “I am the way, the truth and the life; whoever eats it will get eternal life.” If we have faith in God and believe in his actions and embrace him, we will find the everlasting life promised by Jesus himself. We must have hope, courage and confidence in our challenging times; as there is a purpose for our lives and God knows what is suitable for us better than ourselves. This answer conveyed the knowledge that even though God is omnipotent, he provides for us and knows that if all the suffering and pain were no longer existent, people would have no connection with Him. If our faith and belief are powerful, God will himself unveil his authentic desire for us and we will have an enduring loving relationship with him. As well would be welcomed in his Kingdom.

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