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The use of the internet has become a normal day-to-day activity in the world. So much information is derived from the internet since it seems to have almost all the news and information. This has made internet innovation a very important and recognized procedure globally since it has provided the world with so much information and entertainment thus making it easier and cheap for individuals to attain information. The Internet is not only used to search for information and ideas, it has also been proven as a faster and more efficient means of communication worldwide. People from one country to another are able to share information quickly and clearly thus bonding freely and this has enhanced the social and cultural interaction among different communities (Berkun, 2010).

Internet innovation is one of the most unique and recognized inventions globally. This is because it has eased the work of man both physically and psychologically. Organizations and Institutions have welcomed innovation with open arms since it has enabled the enhancement of business and easier means of research and development (M. AMIGOT, 2009). The use of the Internet has been highly recommended in schools and other learning institutions since it has highly improved the spread of skills and knowledge among students. Internet use has made the students carry out their homework in a more improvised and easier way, compared to the earlier days when they had to use only textbooks which lacked some of the important information. Students have become brighter, more interactive, and more willing to carry out their studies since to them, the use of the internet also gives them a moment of enjoyment (Schewick, 2010). Sometime back, the internet was a vague network of bulky computers used only by a diminutive community of researchers. Earlier, most computer devices were found in information technology centers or laboratories used for research with no one ever thinking that the internet innovation will provide such a significant position in our society as it does today. Earlier, a personal computer connected by one global network seemed absurd and not so real to so many of us (Gates, 2000).

In the earlier days, activities such as transactions, message delivery, and so many operations were slow to carry out and one used a lot of time and energy. Currently, the world has just gone through a turn of events since people no longer function in a brick-and-mortar economy. Nowadays, jobs can be performed anytime, anywhere as long as one can go online, thanks to internet innovation. In this research, we will get to learn how internet innovation has led to the creation of new job opportunities worldwide. Through this innovation, the world has realized how essential it is to continue developing an environment that is conducive in terms of creating and saving jobs through the use of technology (Gates, 2000). So many organizations have been created and formed, in order to invest in Internet technology which is currently benefitting businesses at a very high rate. According to an article written by broadband investors, internet innovation has had a serious impact on consumer welfare, economic output, and job creation. Innovation of the internet has become such a powerful and compelling technology due to its widespread in academics as a result of government sponsorship in so many countries around the world (Bui, 2005). Innovation has also become an effective factor in the private sector due to advancement and commercialization not forgetting its unique contribution in the exchange of information. With the Internet, there is the reliable operation of events with centralized management (Gates, 2000).

Process of Internet Popularity

The web transformed the internet into a worldwide trend since its introduction in nineteen eighty at the European Centre for Nuclear Research. According to Tim Berners Lee, the Internet was originally formed to share statistics on nuclear physics (Plunkett, 2006). Luckily, the web popularity spread among researchers, learners, and other Internet enthusiasts thus creating a new industry to generate software and materials for the Web. This emerging and growing creativity made the web more convincing for the users which encouraged more organizations to use internet access and encouraged more individuals and business sectors to get linked to the internet. Recently in nineteen ninety-four, only about five hundred websites were found worldwide, currently, the internet has close to three billion websites thus showing how popular use of the internet has spread. The growth is continuing, thanks to the introduction of cheaper computers, higher internet speed, and superior software (French, 1999).

The Governments in so many countries have created a good environment for their citizens thus encouraging the easier spread of internet services, and enabling companies to bring their products to consumers at a high speed. Over the past few years, governments have found it rewarding to pass policies that give rapid growth in infrastructure thus making it possible to expose internet benefits to so many other people. These include creating ways of using broadband technologies and resisting the urge to ratify new regulations (Cortese, 2007).

Impact/Effect of Internet Innovation.

New technology has led to the amplification of human potential. Today; technological innovation has transformed the world society and economy through the invention of the telephone, electricity, airplane, and automobile thus making the world easily accessible to everyone (Taumi, 2002). Internet innovation has brought the same revolution effect thus enabling businesses and individuals to conquer cultural, geographical, economic, and logistical barriers. Below, we discuss some of the impacts brought about by internet innovation:

Social Impact

Through internet innovation, the world appears so small. The innovation of the internet has proved to be a widely used means of communication among people. Individuals can communicate and exchange information immediately and across very long distances thus enabling people to participate in the economy despite where they are located. Different social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been introduced and largely welcomed globally and all these are due to some of the advantages of internet innovation. People from miles away are able to share ideas, pictures, and opinions, thus making the world one. Relations among countries and cultures have been highly improved due to the use of the Internet (Morrison, 2011).

Before the internet, it was a bit difficult and expensive for individuals to get in contact and keep in touch with relatives and friends globally. Today, communicating with a friend in China has become as easy and cheaper as communicating with a friend in a neighboring town since individuals nowadays use the internet as a quicker and easier means of communication. Thousands of people have shared interests and therefore exchange information through email, websites, and instant messages. Also, people with disabilities are encouraged to use the internet to communicate with each other in order to overcome fears that prevent them from leading normal productive lives.

Impact on the Business sector

Today, the Internet has become the center of attraction to businesses. Since its innovation, new industries have emerged, existing ones have been totally transformed and the internet has therefore become a worldwide cultural trend. Through internet innovation, amazing things have been seen and yet there is more to come. According to Bill Gates, the world is only at the first light of the internet age. The internet has had an insightful impact on the way we live, learn and work.

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The internet has made the world look so simple since it has broken down the logistical barriers, thus presenting superior flexibility and influence in ways of carrying out business. Innovation of the internet has shrunk down distance and time, cut down complex business activities, and enabled more effective partnerships and contact, for example, a firm which is located in an isolated rural place has the world in its market position. In connection with advanced productivity software, through the internet, workers use their knowledge and time more efficiently and focus on more productive errands. This has enhanced greater competition in the market industry, since through internet innovation; customers have also acquired the ability to become smarter in their day-to-day shopping in order to find the best products and services at the right prices (Attala, 1996).

This has empowered them, since before, the larger companies were monopolies, but lately, smaller companies have adapted technology like their leaders, thus providing the customer with quality products at competitive prices around the world. In the 21st century, internet technology has become an economic force enabling instant commerce around the globe. Large companies currently, maintain easier connections with their employees, partners, and suppliers whereas smaller companies can find and maintain customers globally. Lately, internet innovation has encouraged companies to hire knowledge workers from any part of the world, thus expanding the employment opportunities mostly for the people in America. This has given developing countries an opportunity to become powerful by providing information technology to so many countries in the world. Internet innovation has thus enabled some budding nations to skip the industrial revolution and head straight to the Internet age.

Common standards such as the use of a common language have enabled internet innovation to become a success. Since Internet language is universal and easily understood, businesses can therefore create services and products that make use of the Internet. This has led to technological competition since to thrive on the internet, every business has to make its products and services look more attractive than those of the competitor and it’s only a few mouse clicks away (SB-IRC, 2007).

Effects on Security and Privacy.

Currently, well-improved police departments in the world welcome the use of technology since it has encouraged easier means to track down criminals. This is a process widely used by the FBI and the private detectives not forgetting government departments. Use of the internet has greatly improved security though somehow tampering with privacy.

Lately, people are relying on the internet to share confidential and receptive information with necessary parties in regards to their medical basis, financial status, buying behaviors and preferences, and also personal habits though in some cases there is leakage of this personal information. In most cases, many use the internet in secret in order to safeguard such important information. Internet innovation has led to the regular use of credit cards thus making it an easier way of payment though it is not as safe as before the introduction of the Internet. Due to the internet, private industries and many government institutions currently use private attractive technologies since it has proved to be the best way to protect privacy. However, according to Alderman and Caroline Kennedy, it is not yet proven that this method is fully efficient. However, shielding personal privacy has become a major hindrance that must be taken care of with immediate effect so as to keep the internet striving forward.

Impact on Education.

Internet innovation has had a great and important effect on the education sector. Since its innovation, education has become easier and more enjoyable thus giving students morale in doing their assignments and breaking the monotony of books. Since the innovation of the internet, research and development projects have become easier to carry out with more reliable references and legal sources (OPPAPERS.COM, 2008). Students have earned advanced skills and knowledge since they go ahead to research given topics by the teacher, to the extent of giving their trainer added information on topics. This has also enhanced educational group work among students of different schools in projects such as science congress, group discussions on specific subjects, and environmental clubs.

These are some of the activities that have been encouraged among students, and since each wants to outdo the other, they end up carrying out thorough research from various books and most of all research from the internet. In the world of today, better employment and business projects are believed to be achieved by people with high-quality education and knowledge, therefore, colleges and universities have put the innovation of technology, especially the use of the Internet in research as a number one priority so as to give their students quality and competitive education results.

Education online is growing widely and fast to keep pace with internet innovations. Currently, a prevalent shortage of highly competent online teachers has been predicted. However, students can take advantage of the retired teachers who have had the talent in the technology sector.

Recognized and focused universities of every kind have introduced essential courses on the web by use of pedestrian sometimes. Colleges and universities that have slowly and technically adapted to the internet way of doing their old job in a new technique have well made it where gaudy business types and large private schools have not (Education Week, 2011).

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