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Comparative Study of Graduate Students' Views on Virtual and Real Learning

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Learning is obligatory up to a convinced age. Learning is an extensive intermediate of obtaining necessary knowledge and skills. Learning is inherently split into two types i.e., distance education (virtual learning) and mainstream education (real learning). Has we know learning online is an immense concept. The term online learning, virtual learning, e-learning, distance learning is identical. Each one of them refers to act of applying technology and software in learning. Virtual learning indicates that it is an arrangement that furnish tutor digitally-based clarification anticipates at constituting reciprocal, progressive learning environment. Notably virtual learning made use of computer software and the Internet to convey guidance to learner. Whereas the term real learning, traditional learning and offline are one and the same. Real learning is generally face-to-face learning reciprocal action that takes place in a materialistic locale. This refers to lecture-based learning where educators provide guidance to students. Virtual learning and real learning both are the concepts of learning but how students engage in that process is slightly different. Virtual learning has received much attention in this epidemic circumstance. This technological era made our works much effortless because Internet technology has been considered as an important medium for many aspects of our lives including academic learning. In these prevailing conditions virtual learning has made students busy in obtaining education. This study compared the student perspective towards virtual and real learning, even though virtual learning boost traditional learning, students are satisfied with real learning. This study sought to compare virtual and real learning are two level- usage or adoption of technologies, level of satisfaction. Though these comparisons, we investigated whether students are opting for virtual or real learning, due to face-to-face interaction, immediate responses and flexibility student view is towards real learning.

Objectives of the Study

  • The main objective of this research is to know the level of fulfillment in virtual learning.
  • To know the awareness, cleverness and posture of students towards virtual learning.
  • To know how digitalization works in higher education sector in current pandemic situation.

Review of Literature

According to Valentine, before any discussion of virtual learning we need to look at the way the term has been defined in the past and how it is currently defined in the literature. Virtual learning has been around for well over 100 years. One of the earlier forms of virtual learning was done through correspondence courses started in Europe. This stayed the primary means of distance learning until the middle of this century when instructional radio and television became more popular.

As technology has change, so as the definitions of virtual learning. Videotaped lectures have been started in university and professional courses for the last two decades (Moore and Lockee, 1998). In these days the Internet and compressed video have taken virtual learning in new directions, and also, they allow virtual learning to occur in real time. Live video instruction is the most popular and fastest growing delivery mode in the United States (Ostendorf, 1997). But real learning plays very big role in student satisfaction level.

Impact of Virtual and Real Learning

The existing condition of Covid-19 has resulted in shutoff all the institutions and universities over the universe, this consequence situation altered education system completely, with the idiosyncratic hike of distance learning, where learning is tackled remotely on digital platforms. Essentially considering students health, on popular demand by the government and concerned education departments to make students engaged with their academics, universities are offering e-learning. By the immediate transformation of traditional learning to virtual learning, these impact on student level of fulfillment. Classes on Microsoft teams, Skype, Zoom, Google meet are becoming problematic to learners because classes get disturbed due to Internet issues. Even though student doesn’t have specific knowledge on using the technologies related to virtual learning it is necessary to go with virtual learning rather than real learning only to avoid the wide spread of Covid-19.

Expansion in virtual learning prepare student to utter numerous courses, training programs with in a time span. In reality learners are haste to complete their courses for the certification desire, rather than procuring more proficiency.

Level of Student Satisfaction in Virtual Learning and Real Learning

Tutoring is not only the process of gushing knowledge into a learner’s head but also to make students to engage in learning. In real learning fundamentally students are accommodated in a particular classroom space which generate focus and interest to learners towards studies. Educator interaction with learners at appropriate time impact positively on learners these leads to students’ high level of satisfaction. In virtual learning through one-to-one learning, there is no chance for group learning or personal interaction between the teacher and the students, this has a negative effect and possibly their chances of being less satisfied.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

90% respondents indicated high level of satisfaction with real learning and 10% were disagree, where as 11% respondents of virtual learning indicate high level of satisfaction and 89% were disagree.

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The students of UG and PG were considered for this survey who pursuing their degree in various institutions and universities.

Educator role is extremely important in learning environment. Educators well-timed reply empathetically impact student satisfaction. The face-to-face interaction of teacher and student are tremendously impressive and students adore the learning environment.

Government and concerned educational departments need to work on the developmental programs of virtual learning which is beneficiary for learners. If they are not gratified then the concept of virtual learning is onerous to extend. Here educator and learner face-to-face interaction and quick responses are the main points that lead towards student satisfaction. If these two factors are undoubtedly entertained then student fulfillment will increase otherwise, it leads to student dis satisfaction.

Awareness, Cleverness and Posture of Students Towards E-Learning

Learning is obtaining of knowledge and getting expertise in something by study. Learning can be expedited by directly means student individually visit classes conducted in the institutions or by indirectly means such as virtual learning. The current study investigates the awareness, cleverness and posture of students towards virtual learning. It is known that technology assist learners to become maverick, efficient and investigator and also it can mislead learners if they become regular practitioner of technology. In these pervasive circumstances unexpected shift from real learning to virtual learning found problematic to students because they don’t have required knowledge in adoption and usage of tools related to virtual learning (this is not with every student) learner awareness and cleverness also depend on system and home environment. Not everybody knows how to use tools related to virtual learning, students with IT background can use related technologies and tools without any complication, where as if we take into consideration of students except IT background students doesn’t have specific awareness in usage of tools.

In the survey students of commerce background were taken into consideration. 47.6% of respondents indicate that they don’t have knowledge regarding the usage of tools or technologies 38.1% of respondents indicate that somehow they can manage with the available tools, 14.3% of respondents indicate that they doesn’t have required tools related to virtual learning

To bring awareness and cleverness in usage of technologies among the student government and other education departments should give various programs to learners to get specific knowledge related to usage of tools.


Student satisfaction level is one of the main pillars of learning. The research suggest that satisfaction level of graduate students is not up to the mark due to various reasons like no face-to-face interaction among educator and learners and also dis connectivity of classes due to issues with the Internet. If concerned education departments and government work on these factors virtual learning can increase the satisfaction level among the learners. The survey indicates that most of the student does not have required knowledge in the usage of tools and technologies related to virtual learning. Here ministry of higher education department should consider the student awareness towards the technology and should educate learners by IT professionals regarding the adoption or using of tools and technologies.

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