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Online Classes vs Traditional Classes Essay

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The world of education is never separated from the name of learning, as well as school is always closely related to a class. This is related to each other because the classroom is a place for learning while at school. The role of the class is very important in the teaching and learning process, a comfortable class will certainly facilitate students in receiving lessons. At this time, we are faced with circumstances that are not possible in carrying out face-to-face classes because of this pandemic. In this pandemic, we must be wise in the use of technologies that appeared in online classes as a solution to this problem. Almost all schools now have a lot of online classes and this works pretty well even though sometimes there are obstacles and shortcomings when running it. Therefore, in this paper, we will provide some similarities and differences between traditional classes and online classes.

Online classes and traditional classes have something in common that can be found or done in these two lessons. The first is that both require students as participants. In the learning process, the most important thing is students as learners and teachers as instructors. If one thing is not there, then the learning process will not work whether it is an online class or a traditional class. In online classrooms, although students do not have to be face to face, students must be present in learning and listening to the teacher’s explanation. Meanwhile, traditional classes require students to meet face to face in every meeting with the teacher. Next, are both requiring assignments as an important part of the learning experience. Assignments are the obligations of each student in learning whether students like it or not. Because this task will give the impression of a direct learning experience to students. Although, we as students do not like it when teachers give assignments and think that assignments only make students stressed. Believe that the task will provide benefits or convenience for students in learning later. In the online class, assignments will be given online by the teacher and can be done anywhere as long as collected according to the time and place that has been determined by the teacher. Online classes usually do not provide maximum experience for their students, because students usually imitate the work of their friends or just copy from the internet without understanding the material. Meanwhile, in the traditional class assignments will be given directly by the teacher and done in place or the classroom and students usually get the maximum understanding when working directly under supervision by the teacher. The last is both online and traditional classes requiring students to manage their time wisely. Students should be able to divide or manage time wisely because it can affect the learning of every student if from now on students cannot manage their time in learning. Managing time as a student is dividing tasks and studying. prioritize the most important things first, so students can be more focused on carrying out predetermined activities. It requires you to set aside some time on your own to study and go through the lessons. This requires discipline and a real understanding of how to wisely use your time throughout the day. And, in online classes students usually have freedom, this freedom is what makes online classes attractive to non-traditional students who can do additional work or have family responsibilities that make attending regular classes a challenge. Meanwhile, traditional classes usually have students structure their time outside of the classroom to allow for studying, projects and homework.

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Although they have similarities, these two types of classes certainly have differences. The first difference is that traditional classes must have a place to carry out teaching and learning activities, while online classes don’t need a special place for learning. Online classes can be done anywhere as long as we have a fast internet connection. Then, the second difference is the interaction done in traditional classes is done directly, while online classes are not done directly. ‘Directly’ here has meaning, in learning students and teachers can interact face- to face directly so that the interaction goes well. With learning that is not directly faced to face, the atmosphere of interaction during online classes tends to be ineffective, because students become less active and become passive. as we know, of course, it’s different if we talk directly to the teacher, rather than having to make a video call. Then the third differences are Online classes require more self-direction and discipline. However, traditional classes have more teachers who direct classes. In this case, online classes require self-direction from ourselves in carrying out learning, while the traditional classroom teacher can help us directly even without us giving a sign if we do not understand the learning material. Sometimes the teacher only gives material in E-Learning without explaining, so if we don’t understand we must be able to be independent in understanding the task by looking for other sources.

These two kinds of classes certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. Like online classes, this class looks easier by just using the internet and flexible learning time, but we must have more budget to buy our internet quota to attend online classes, the longer the duration of online classes the more internet quota we are used up. In the implementation of traditional classes, we know that this learning takes quite a lot of time because we need to go to educational institutions or schools. Besides, traditional classes don’t need an internet connection except at certain times. Explanations made by teachers in traditional classes are easier to understand and more responsive, unlike in online classes the explanation is sometimes difficult to understand, and if the internet is slow making student and teacher interactions become slow responses.

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