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Why Homeschooling Is Financially Better Than Traditional School

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What if the government had spare money like a lot of spare money and they could use this money to improve anything other than schools and this is because online schooling would give the government and council more money. You yourself could even have more money if your living in the UK it wouldn’t be a great amount of money you would save on petrol and £6,000 this is a huge amount of money but compared to America this is a low price. In America the money that you would save would be a fortune since the average college school in America costs around $20,000 this is some people's full salary for private schools it’s a little more than double sitting around $47,000 this is absurd amount for anyone rich or poor. Heating and lighting is the biggest money waster when students are in classes the temperature should be sitting at 18 degrees because if it’s too cold their metabolism will be trying to keep them warm which in turn makes the students tired and hungry. Lighting is a massive energy and money waster the a US school district spends $6,000,000,000 (yeah that’s a lot of zeros) on energy this could easily be lowered by using sunlight instead of lights when its day time and really only wintertime would be dark when you would be in school so lights shouldn’t be getting used that often but if you were being educated from home then you would have that choice to yourself it would be your money that you chose to spend when turning something on but lighting one room or at most one house isn’t a lot of money and most people can afford to light their house. Not having to drive or take a bus to school would also save a lot of money for the people who own the car and the government as some people I would assume most people who get a free bus to school don’t pay for it obviously but the government and schools do paying for petrol or diesel for millions of busses all over the world if this money was put into something else like buying computers for all the students who can’t afford one

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Online schooling would also help cut down on car pollution since there would not be millions of students driving to school via bus or car. This would do incredible things for the environment, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven this a massive hole in the ozone layer has finally a lot of factories were also closed and that has had an amazing effect on the pollution as well but cars were one of the biggest polluters and have been put to a completed stop for around 3 months. Now imagine if there were half the cars on the road permanently the environment would be fantastic the air would be a lot cleaner it would just half infinite good effects on the planet this is one of the main reasons I argue that online schooling should be permanent. Since lockdown had started there have been some good improvements to air quality done to the air. In Wuhan the air pollution has decreased by 44% this is incredible and it isn’t just in Wuhan where this is happening, in New Delhi air pollution has dropped by 60% imagine if this is what it was like normally online schooling wouldn’t give us the full effect of this simply because people would be allowed to travel it wouldn’t be lockdown travel is still allowed for everyone. This means traveling by car to wherever you want is fine this also means that air pollution would go back to the way it was plus factories would be open but online schooling would still have a positive effect on pollution.

Another benefit of online schooling is that it can be more up to date, a word document or message can be easily changed and have information added to it unlike physical school textbooks are not able to be edited this allows the online school to be more up to date. Lessons will no longer need textbooks either which saves some money because textbooks are not that cheap in fact, they are expensive. In Essex, the amount schools pay for textbooks per child is around £230 in 2013 which is an incredible amount of money to spend on something that could be sent through a simple email which would cost nothing that has dropped to £153 yes it’s cheaper than what it was but that’s a lot of money especially if there are around 1000 students online schooling would remove that and save an incredible amount of money. Since online classes only require an internet connection classes can be more flexible for teachers and students' classes can start earlier or later, this allows for students to be more in control of their work and teachers can keep in touch to see how they are getting on. The communication is better with online classes because students can privately message teachers their questions that they wouldn’t ask in a classroom this lets teachers have a better understanding of where their students are in their work, this also gives a better opportunity for learning as the students will not be embarrassed when they do ask questions via private message or email. If the student asks questions but still doesn’t understand the question or whatever they are stuck on, they will not need to force it into their head they can take the time and learn other ways to do the question through the use of the internet and other means, they could get as creative as they want to, to figure out get unstuck and continue their learning.

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