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Pros And Cons Of The Homeschooling Educational System

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Have you ever wondered why private tutoring is considered more and more often for educating today’s youth? I often hear mother’s/father’s telling me they feel compelled to homeschool their children, but my question is, what compels parents to consider private tutoring their young adolescents? Are public educational systems really that bad? Do children strive better in a homeschooling center, or is it just another fallacy?

Well, here are some pros and cons of the homeschooling educational system. Let’s start with the upsides of homeschooling young adolescents. Most parents prefer a homeschooling center, due to the fact that homeschooling tutors provide a more comfortable environment for a student/child to learn. A homeschooling center also provides special attention according to your child’s level of knowledge. I firmly believe that the progress of every adolescent in a classroom depends on the teacher, tutor, or professor your child has. I believe every child/adolescent needs a teacher/ professor that is passionate about wanting to teach the young individual and attend to their weak points. No child is incapable of expanding their knowledge. It all depends on the student’s environment and the teacher’s/professor’s personality.

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Having your child homeschooled can also have a profound impact on their school and personal life. If you have a child that is very shy and withdrawn, homeschooling may alter that specific personality trait, depending on the educator’s personality. I myself was homeschooled and in my personal opinion, preferred the homeschooling center. My homeschooling center focused more on each student individually.

Homeschooling can alter an adolescent’s personality for the better as well as the worse. Negative changes within an adolescent’s personality may occur, such as laziness due to the educator being too lenient. Children may become undisciplined and bring home bad grades. Most of these negative changes may partially be the educator’s fault, but not all of the blame should be pinned on the educator. It also depends on the adolescent’s home environment. There are a huge number of homeschooling centers across the world, yet only a few truly excellent teachers, tutors, and professors exist. Homeschooling is not meant for every child. It all depends on the child’s personality. I strongly believe homeschooling centers need to start employing teachers/tutors that are truly passionate about all types of children. The homeschooling centers need teachers/tutors that will encourage the youth instead of breaking down their self-esteem.

I conclusion, homeschooling may have a few negative impacts on the youth of today, there are more positive changes than negative changes that might occur in a child’s personality and school life. It all depends on your child’s personality and determination to want to learn. it is all about finding the right teacher/ tutor to teach your young adolescent. Keep in mind that children/teenagers and students do better when they feel like they can connect with their educator on a personal level. If your child/teenager connects with a teacher/tutor or professor on a personal level, they will always want to strive to do better in their school life. So, please dear parents, before making any rash decisions concerning your child’s school life, I ask you to please consider each and every aspect of your decision.

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