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Why Education In College Is Important

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Most educators believe that the purpose of education is influenced by their own personal beliefs and experiences. Growing up, students have experienced many different situations that make them question the point of even coming to school. Every student has asked themselves at least once as to why they learn certain things and why can’t they just be done already. Research shows “students spend around 6,000 hours solely committed to schoolwork, both in and out of school. On average, only about 1,000 of those hours are spent in school. That’s not including any after school programs like sports or clubs, etc. “(School Hours: Is There Enough Time To Learn?, 2017) Most of students’ lives revolve around education, so why are they questioning it? Education is the key necessity to help you keep moving forward towards your chosen career. Having more knowledge, skills and morals/values than the next person can also give you certain advantages in situations.

“The genetic foundations that guide human brain development have not changed fundamentally during the past 50,000 years.” (Individual differences in the learning potential of human beings, 2017) Methods of teaching haven’t changed much. At an early age, we are taught to memorize what we hear, what we see and analyze what we do and why. Learning these skills on an everyday basis can help our mind retain information faster and hold onto that information longer. We would go to school expecting to learn how to read and write. They start off by teaching us the alphabet and then spelling of various words, for example, our name. Then we would later go on and progress to learning specific math skills, starting with the basics of adding and subtracting. We are asked if Sally has six apples and eats two, how many are left? Then as time goes on, we are taught how to run and jump. We learn how to share and play well with others. We are taught manners and politeness. Knowledge doesn’t always have to be just about books, it can be through physical things or by using our senses as well.

Education also prepares us for certain situations we have to face in this world. The world is changing faster and faster each day, so you never know what problems life is going to throw at you next. Knowing problem solving skills and things like time management will help you go further in life. Going to school actually helped you learn these things. They didn’t just give you detention for being late because they hated you. They did it because they don’t want it to be a bad habit for you later on in life when your career depends on being on time. They didn’t scold you when you spoke out of turn just for the fun of it, they wanted to teach you how to be polite and show manners/respect for someone else.

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Education teaches us values. It digs out opportunities for us to question why certain things exist. This way we can help contribute to the growth of the human society. Even though most people can’t pay for higher education, it is not required to keep going. Us as humans are not limited to anything let alone education. Learning creates steppingstones for us to explore the unknown. Do you really think Michelle Obama’s net worth could be over $65 million dollars without going to school and getting some kind of degree?

Going straight into college, some people have a major they definitely want to pursue, and some don’t. Either way is perfectly fine since college can give you many options and outlets in which way you want your career to sway towards. Say that you want to one day own your own business of some sort. Now even though most of the time a degree isn’t needed, pursuing education and receiving your business degree can help a lot. You learn about finances, marketing, how the country’s economy works, etc. There are many different ways to use your resources to your advantage when receiving a degree like this.

So as discussed previously, sometimes a degree isn’t needed. But what if it is? Doctors, nurses, any type of career in the medical field, requires specific degrees and training in order for you to become one. Most criminal justice majors are there because they want to be in law enforcement. Most police departments require at least an associates degree to be a class one officer. Sometimes a college education is not initially required, most departments value it and would be more inclined to choose you over someone with less education. Also, as a benefit, more than half of all law enforcement agencies offer some form of tuition reimbursement.

Education is one of the strongest and most beneficial options you may have in your life. Its purpose is to guide you both mentally and physically. Creating morals and values, teaching you manners and politeness while also teaching you how to run and have fun. Teaching you how to make friends that last a long time. Education’s sole purpose is to give you the means that you need to make it in life. Don’t ever take it for granted.

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