Why Is a College Education Important to You: Essay

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Who I am now

My name is Ubah Hassan, I’m 18 years old, and I recently graduated from high school. I am the eldest and first person to go to college in my family. Honestly, a couple of reasons why I decided to go to Metro State was that it looked like a good - academically and visually- university. Metro is a pretty small school compared to the U of M and such. Also, Metro is very close- location-wise- and I really wanted to go somewhere close to home.

What role family has played in my life?

My family has been and always will be a very big and significant part of my life. They have played a vital role in my life because they have shaped my values and morals. They influence almost everything about me. Even my personality has been influenced by the people in my family. Honestly, my family is a part of me.

Also, as I said before, I am the eldest in my family. And while being the oldest has its advantages and its disadvantages, it's mostly all-around chaos. And if I am being honest, the eldest is basically a guinea pig by default, not in a bad way it's just mostly the first child is when new parents are learning how to actually “parent”. So we end up being “test subjects” for new parents.

Education Experiences Plans for the Future.

I just recently graduated high school, so I don’t really have any “educational experiences” besides the stuff you're taught in high school. But, I always knew even way back when I was a child that I wanted to go to college. Ironically, now that I am in college, I don’t really know what I’d like to do in the future, career-wise.

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Plans for the future.

Since there are so many things that I am interested in and I have so many ideas that, I really can’t pinpoint what exactly I want to do, so currently, I am undecided. Even though I am undecided I want to work at a place that I love and that isn’t repetitive work. A couple of personal goals that I have for the future are to be more spiritually connected with my faith. I want to enjoy the work I do and always have a passion for it. I want to be personally satisfied with how my life is going so far. Last but not least, I want to be happy, just like having general happiness in life.

How will a college education help me?

A college education/degree will help open up opportunities for me, especially in the future. A benefit of having a degree is having a better chance in careers I might like and finding better-paying and high-skilled jobs. It will help prepare me for a career and my adult life. Even an associate degree gives you the knowledge and stability most jobs need or are looking for in a candidate.

One thing I’ve heard from people is that since college offers a broad range of skills, most people end up in career fields that they’ve never studied or even thought about. So Colleges can open up opportunities for people that they haven’t seen or thought about/ considered.

These days any job that isn’t a minimum wage job needs some sort of degree in order for you to work there. Also, in order to have some sort of stability in life, I need a college education/degree.

Plus, I have heard from many people like older friends and cousins that college was the best years of their life, that they had so much fun and they met the people that they’ll always know for the rest of their lives. I am really excited to begin my college experiences. Also, I really hope I get a chance to explore what college really is about and not the fiction cliche stuff people like to say.

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