Why Is College Important to Me: Essay

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Why do we go to college? Why school in general For all my school years I haven't enjoyed school I've wondered why is it that I must do 12 years of something I don’t want to do just to learn about stuff I'm not going to do. I've never been interested in college or school in general until I got older and got into game design, I started to want to figure out more and more about game design, and that made me interested in technology college that’s when I started looking into tech-based schools with game design degrees and singled the main two out of the many.

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Gwinnett Technical Institute and Full Sail University but there can only be one, although Gwyneth is a great school, Full Sail University is better for me because Full Sail offers a better variety of gaming degrees with 13 masters, 39 bachelor, 37 associates, 2 graduate certificates, while their lunch box program, provides tools to help with your studies, while also having connected and network all around the entertainment field such as with the MCU and game companies like Activision, “Over 99 of Full Sails grads were credited on 15 nominated projects at the 2018 game awards” so you can also get the true experience. Full Sail University’s campus is an out-of-state college in Orlando Florida so I’ll be able to see while meeting new people away from home a welcomed change, Full Sail also has online options so if I wanted to stay home I could, Not to say there isn’t anything good about Gwinnett technical institute you don’t need all too much to get into the school because of their requirements being low with a 2.0 GPA with an SAT and ACT score of 16 in reading, 15 in writing and language, and an 18 in math while offering nearly 150 different credit-award options in different program areas, “The Game Development diploma is a sequence of courses designed to provide students with an understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques required in the development of computer games.

Program graduates receive a Gaming Development diploma. Program Length: 5 Semesters minimum” Applicants to Gwinnetttech’s Game Development program must meet all Admission requirements complete an application and pay the application fee. Now Gwinnett Technical College tuition is $ 2,136 per year while their game development program offers two pricey careers Grant’s as for Full Sail yes it has many advantages over Gwinnett Technical College in my opinion but it has a very big downside and that downside is Full Sail's tuition since Full Sail is a for-profit which is “educational institutions that are corporations and often have shareholders. They operate as a business, and the product they sell is education. Their goal is to provide quality education, and in doing so generate a positive return, or profit, for their shareholders”. And they tend to be the schools on the pricey side though Full Sail does offer financial aid it doesn’t tend to help all too much, Full Sail tends Tuition and fees are $38,966 before aid and $26,398, and Prices tend to vary depending on what you do and as of 2019-2020 Full Sail is now offering two scholarships the Creative minds and Dedication scholarships but the requirements for admissions to them is, a GPA of 3.0 or higher; an SAT score of 927 or higher; an ACT score of 19 or higher; it’s an amazing school but it’s a bit too pricey but when you look into all Full sail provides you it is somewhat understandable but costs are what most students at Full Sail struggle with. So, do I still think Full Sail is a better option for me Then Gwinnett Technical College? Yes, prices may be high but I feel Full Sail brings me closer to my Goal by gaining more knowledge and experience.

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