Essay on the Consequences of Skipping Classes

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During my first semester as a freshman college student, I took General Ed classes like the rest of the students, and as a part of it, I had to take General Biology, which I hated. General Biology did not have a mandatory attendance policy, so I ended up skipping most of the classes because I was familiar with the topics from high school. Little did I know that the content would be a little more difficult than high school, so I did not do very well in the exams and ended up with a higher C in that subject. My example is just one example of the consequences of skipping classes.

As recent studies show, with the exception of failing a subject exam, skipping one class can lead to repeated skipping, which becomes a habit. This can potentially have a negative impact on your academic performance, as by not attending classes, you risk losing points associated with your final grade. Skipping now may only affect you a little, but in the long run, it is a lot more than being a little behind.

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Skipping class is easy when you don’t see the money side of it. Each class session you skip at an in-state, public university costs approximately $30. Even the average student skips at least 240 times in four years, and as a result, college students end up spending around $7,200 for skipping class (Sara Dignan, 2016). Nina Luksana, a student at New York University, says that she skips big lecture classes around seven times per semester in discussion-based classes, with that, the 14 lecture classes Luksana skipped this year cash in at a total of $718.20 (Maxine Joselow, 2015). Parents and society as a whole are trying so many things to give the younger generation an opportunity to get a college education, but kids still skip classes. Even though the cost of college is too expensive for some, the ones who are fortunate enough to get a college education shouldn’t get away with skipping 15+ classes a semester. The cost of college is enough for people to handle, but it really adds up when students skip class because of little to no attendance policies.

Skipping classes is a big problem that an attendance policy can be a good solution to. Colleges should make attendance one of their top priorities because without it students will skip too much and some may never attend, waste their money, and succeed far less than someone who regularly attends. Of course, even with an attendance policy, students will still skip classes, but it would hopefully motivate them to not skip as much as if there wasn’t one. In the absence of an attendance policy, students will skip at their own will instead of at their own risk. Even though students are adults and can make their own decisions, everyone needs a little motivation sometimes. They’re costing themselves money, and there is a direct relationship between skipping class and GPAs. Now, if you were paying thousands of dollars and you wanted to skip class, but you knew you’d risk your grade and waste money, would you?

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