Why Do You Want to Go to College: Personal Narrative Essay

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I want to go to college to be able to provide for my family. To start my own dream of opening up a business to help and inspire others to do well for themselves. I want to achieve something the other women in my family were not able to do. I want to be the one who brings a watershed into my family's life where we won't have to be face to face with struggle every day. In this essay, I do want to share what type of motivation they make for me.

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My great-grandma came to the country to become a successful woman before the 1950s with the dream to start a clothing business. She used to make amazing dresses for herself. She didn’t become successful due to her having kids with my great-grandfather whom she met. Men around her didn’t see a purpose for her to live a dream she doesn’t need because she had a man to do that work. My family has always gone through struggles. From starting from being limited to how much food they can eat in a day, to hand-made clothes made by my great-grandmother. She ended up having 12 kids. She made sure that all of them were fed and clothed with everything she can provide. She birthed my grandmother whom I respect so much as well today. She had a love for cars. That was her thing. She always wanted to open an auto body. She still mentions it to this day. She went through a patch for years. My mother sadly started using. My grandma took my siblings and me under her wing. My mom was hardly around for 4 years. My grandma took care of all of us. She used up all her money for food. She’d buy us clothes. She sacrificed her dream of opening up an auto body for us. I had recently lost an aunt to cancer late last year, so another group of kids came her way. I can see the stress in her eyes. But she does it all out of love. My mother got out of the reach of drugs about a year and a half ago. She just had a child with her new boyfriend. But she still lives with my grandmother. We all do.

I sit and wish I can do something to help. But with school, commuting, homework, and sports I don’t have the time. My grandma is still working when she shouldn’t be. When I get into college and am able to pursue my dreams, I will be able to get my grandma out of debt. Help my mom with my younger sister. As a present-day generation of my family, I want to be the first woman to actually fulfill my dreams, and going to college is the first step to that.

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