My Purpose for Studying in Japan: Essay

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The formation of a civilized society entails an equilibrium between all stakeholders representing many individuals with common and diverse interests. This equilibrium balances the need and voices of the citizens through negotiation, compromise, and reconciliation so that a responsible government can then accordingly formulate and implement appropriate policies and propose legislation to defuse tension and confrontation. This may facilitate all levels of application, including public welfare, facilities, and education, propelling everyone’s daily life forward. It is therefore important for us to learn how this equilibrium can be accomplished in the study of political science through the critical points of a macroscopic view of negotiation and compromise. It has a more significant meaning to foresee the tendency of the future route of society, country, or the world.

I am fascinated to study the operation of a ruling political party and the clout that affects and commands people, corporations, and communities. I have experienced and witnessed the influence of different political behaviors and public issues in our local communities, national affairs, and international relationships. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I am aware of the day-to-day controversies between the pro-establishment camp and the pan-democratic camp, and I succeed in discovering the importance of political acts, sentiments, and arguments related to national identity, personal views, and polarization. Since I was a child, I was educated that politics form the basis of our daily lives and was accompanied and guided by my parents. I also kept on reading the propagation of the opposite parties’ ideology to study the rationale and the implication in real life. I long to study political science at a prestigious university in Japan in order to learn the skills and broaden my vision to understand not just Hong Kong but also global political phenomena.

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Apparently, the Japanese political landscape is more stable in comparison with other developed, democratic and capitalist countries over the years. However, politically transformative events have brought about a new atmosphere in recent years. For example, in July 2016, Japan lowered the minimum voting age to 18 for a constitutional referendum. Recently, there was an emergence of new political parties such as the Reiwa Shinsengumi and the Anti-NHK Party. During the 2019 election, two severely disabled candidates won seats in the Upper House. Although there is no drastic policy change in Japan so far, it is undeniable that the aforementioned incidents have reflected the rising diversity of the Japanese government. I am so curious about the new phenomenon that I intend to analyze during my studies here what has caused such a change and how this will impact Japanese society in the new Reiwa era.

Looking into the world, globalization has become internationally dynamic and is rapidly growing. This has created an opportunity for multinational cultural interaction and communication. Waseda University has fascinated me with its open-minded attitude towards students with different ethnic backgrounds, chances for students from all over the world to explore their various codes of ethics, and permission for students to view from a global macroscopic perspective. Being one of the topmost developed countries in the world, Japan has a long history of leading the rapid process of globalization. To achieve this objective, proper diplomatic communication with the multiple cultures of different states will be first and foremost. I am confident that with the skills I learn from SPSE at Waseda University and my personal experience in a collaborative environment of capitalism, I can harmonize stakeholders of multiple parties and contribute to maintaining the political and social stability of Japan and the future world.

Ever since my childhood, I have been immersing myself in Japanese culture, thanks to Japanese media and pop art. I always yearn for the amazing Japanese wonders and attractions and have been studying the Japanese language for 6 years with the achievement of N2 qualification in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I always dream of continuing my tertiary education at one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. Waseda University is famous for nurturing talents. Its alumni consist of prime ministers, ministerial officials, and reputable politicians. With its fame and admirable history, I decided to select Waseda SPSE as my preferred choice to study in Japan without hesitation. I have visited the open campus of Waseda University for the past two years to acquire a better understanding of this university life and preliminary preparation for enrollment. My elder sister is a year 3 SPSE student at this university at present. She told me how much she enjoyed her school life and what she had gained as a Waseda student. These messages further consolidate my dream of having the honor to be a glorious Waseda member.

Studying in Japan, namely at Waseda University, is my ultimate dream and main purpose at the moment. I believe that if I am accepted as an SPSE student, my hard work will definitely work to achieve all my goals and contribute to the global reputation of Waseda University.

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