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Why Being an International Student Is So Beneficial: Persuasive Essay

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Why is it so valuable and beneficial to be an international student? Many people have different opinions surrounding this topic however, it is for these reasons that being an overseas student is such a valued opportunity. These include life experiences such as learning different cultures whilst exploring the world and making life-long friends you will always remember. Boost your self-confidence and self-development including figuring out your strengths and weaknesses and growing as an individual. Finally, being self-motivated, dependent, and able to cope with difficult situations is a great way to enhance your employment opportunities for future work possibilities.

The lifestyle and social differences around cultures force students to push their social skills out of their comfort zones in order to have assistance from teachers, gain social adaptability with peers, and make friends. In addition to how rewarding your friendships may be, they could provide you with essential networking tools down the road. As a result, be more intrigued in classes and eager to gain knowledge in their circumstances. In an international classroom, everyone is joined together to be able to have that experience with different cultures and develop new perspectives of cross-cultural awareness. By being an international student in your classroom or work you will be more comfortable with different backgrounds and be able to establish a stronger relationship with them due to this. Another reason is that you have the lifetime opportunity to travel the world and go to places you would never think you will be at. Being in places and getting to know different people who have different ways of living helps becoming familiar with the urban environment around you. Students coming from international countries are able to enjoy their time to explore the world and learn at the same time. The ability to travel and gain knowledge from different cultures and chances to learn from various aspects of the world is so very much significant and valuable, as well as a fortunate advantage to have for all overseas students.

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Secondly, self-confidence and self-development are important factors of being an international student. There is nothing like being alone in a foreign country. Being immersed in an entirely new sense of culture setting can be daunting, but also provides an opportunity to discover strengths and weaknesses. For instance, students will come across communication problems when talking to a native speaker in a social background, however, by being able to speak a foreign language to them such as English, they are able to speak with self-confidence in their language. Not to mention you will be able to speak and learn the language much faster as it is practiced regularly and pick up the native language you wouldn’t learn in class. According to statistics conveyed on the negative effects on international students’ social relationships, 40 percent were due to language difficulties with other students. While learning about a new culture, you also discover something about yourself, by testing your ability to adapt to a situation while solving a problem.

Finally, the ability to be self-motivated, dependent, and able to cope with different situations is an important reason why being an international student is beneficial. According to a recent Erasmus Impact study survey, 64 percent of employees consider overseas abroad experiences to be important, and 92 percent of employees look for transferable skills which are gained from these experiences, such as facing challenges. Also, young people who study abroad are half as likely to face long-term unemployment as those who do not study abroad. “Students who study abroad offer more to the workplace than those who don’t”, Lombardi says. “They offer a fuller package than just a student who’s looked at how things are theoretically, as opposed to students who have the opportunity to apply the concepts in their studies to real jobs and experiences across various cultures”. Students who look for jobs by handing in resumes have much higher job chances rather than normal local students. The employer expects your capability to perform well in difficult situations, performing well for the job. Not to mention being given priority over other people who apply due to their experiences. In addition, being able to negotiate with other cultures and be able to speak foreign languages fluently will set the applicant apart from other job applications.

In conclusion, being an international student has many benefits and is a valuable experience. Students gain lifetime experiences through learning about different cultures and exploring the world beyond. Able to self-improve and self-development through strengths and weaknesses. And not to mention have a much higher employment opportunity and job employment rate.

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