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Political Correctness Essay

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency, a man who has again and again forcefully demonstrated his hatred for political correctness, political correctness has become a pejorative in the media, under the belief that political correctness has ‘gone mad’ in instances where political correctness is exploited and no political change occurs, making it useless. Political correctness is the belief that language and actions which could offend disadvantaged groups (of race and sex) should be eliminated. The concept began to keep...
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Political correctness is an expression of people to avoids offending or criticizing an individual or a group of people. Political correctness can provide prevention of any possible conflicts or discriminations and it can help people to have a good manner of communication. This can helps an individual to send a message with non-discriminative meaning to the receiver of the message. It also described ideas, language, behavior for us to lessen the offense and discrimination to the individuality of people or...
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Personal Background I was born and raised in Yiwu, China, a city near Shanghai. It is famous for its international wholesale market, which exports hundreds of thousands made-in-China merchandise to all around the world. My father used to run a local engine oil business, my mother is a housewife. When I was 13, I moved to Canada to live with my aunt, who had immigrated to Canada a few years ago. It was mainly because my parents got into some...
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George Orwell, a well-known British journalist cum author, wrote a book by the name “Nineteen forty-eight” ironically in the year 1948. George talked of a totalitarian society that deprived people of the freedom to discourse their contemplations. The situation brought fear amongst people. The novel argues that the government thought up “newspeak” language as a way to bar citizens from contemplating about parse’ “unacceptable” subjects (Orwell, p.32). The book was a precaution measure against the dangers of totalitarianism. The author...
2 Pages 741 Words
Let me ask you this, do the majority of people look up to Donald Trump, the president of the United States? Do people respect and agree with what he posts on his Twitter account? How many people get offended by him everyday? In today’s world, more and more people are becoming sensitive towards topics that are difficult, such as issues with race, gender, suicide, mental health, and many more. This is why “Political Correctness” is necessary. First off, I would...
2 Pages 1129 Words
The original definition of political correctness was something of good intent. The basic idea was to not treat anyone differently just because of the color of the skin or any other superficial features and to help those who are disadvantaged in some way. Ever since the early nineties, however, things have gotten extremely out of hand. What began as a positive way to live by has since been distorted by the passage of time. Political correctness has now been taken...
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What has the world come to? People are being unfairly punished for exercising their right to use the first amendment of this great country. Dave Chappelle tackled this issue in an ingenious way with his most recent show on Netflix 'Sticks & Stones'. Also, according to Deresiewicz’s “On Political Correctness”, PC has become more about gaining power over others than what it was meant to be when the term first came out, and students are beginning to realize it. Moreover,...
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Introduction In this essay I will be analysing the play Oleanna, with reference to the educational themes of gender, political correctness, power and language. Oleanna was a popular play in the 1990’s that induced outrage amidst it’s audiences, through how the playwright Mamet was able to provoke gender politics between feminists and male chauvinists. The play was blatantly about male versus females thereby instigating debate between its audiences, depending on which character they empathised with as the story unfolds. As...
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Religion and secularism portray different aspects of modern society. Certain individuals who believe in the practices of spirituality represent the significance of faith in a religion, while other secular individuals have no association or affliction to spirituality or religion. This essay will discuss the Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai’s perspective on female education based upon human rights. In addition, the opposing terrorist group, the Islamist Boko Haram expose the enactment of school attacks in Nigeria. Furthermore, the examination of fundamentalism explained...
3 Pages 1222 Words
Has society become too politically correct? What was originally designed to prevent certain groups from being offended has turned into a witch hunt. From the television screens to the playground, we have all seen or heard something which is unambiguously offensive but on the flip side of the same coin terms such as 'racist' are flung at every minute contradiction. Even my own friends are guilty of this crime as is everyone else in the nation. Nationally it's a joke...
4 Pages 2006 Words
Introduction The concept/reality that society has become/is becoming too politically correct is a question that is prominent in today's society. Being politically correct is the act of not causing offence to others in a society based on a certain group they consider themselves to be in (which are generally considered minorities), so how is this controversial? Political correctness, by definition, is a morally justified argument. Punish those who do not adhere to a certain set of values that society has...
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