The Effects Of Political Correctness

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Political correctness is an expression of people to avoids offending or criticizing an individual or a group of people. Political correctness can provide prevention of any possible conflicts or discriminations and it can help people to have a good manner of communication. This can helps an individual to send a message with non-discriminative meaning to the receiver of the message. It also described ideas, language, behavior for us to lessen the offense and discrimination to the individuality of people or groups, even to their race and culture. Sometimes, political correctness has been used to control any controversial discussion and hot debate about sensitive topics of one's person.

According to the collins dictionary, if we say that someone is using a language under politically correct, meaning that person is expressing and sending a message to other people without offensive words and actions. That person is also open-minded and has the heart to accept other people who have been treated differently because of their race, sex, belief or maybe because of having a disability. Discriminating and offensive words should be avoided and controlled, this is one of the reasons or aim of political correctness. Regardless of what color, culture, race, religion the person you are talking to, speaking to them with respect can give a big impact in their life Meaning every word that we are spoken can give a different meaning to the people. This is one of the steps to show awareness about politically correct.

We can be described by the languages and messages we are using and sending to other people. The way we talk to other people and the way they receive our message can tell if we are politically correct or no. If you are using words or language which are not discriminating and not offensive, your language that you are using is under political correct. Political correctness can help and teach us to be a better person. Part of being politically correct, we should be sensitive before we send or say a word to other people, it's like ' Think first before you say it'. Despite the difference between you and the person you talk to, it is a must to remain sensitive and you should use a word or a message that is not offensive. Political correctness will be applied if we are continuously learning to accept other people despite the difference in beliefs, culture, race, and personality.

According to one article, they explained that people are categorized by their deeds and their actions and not only by their words. The way we speak and communicate can be both reflective of our behavior. Politically correct helps us to understand and accept that we are one nation despite all our differences. Political correctness also is an expression of the effect of our words, how we lead, how we act and how we treat other people. Everyone has the right to be equally treated and respected, no matter what race, sex, culture, country, and color they came from. All of us don't deserve to be discriminated just because we have a difference.

Political correct also give impact to society and community by improving the proper communication to other people, it also creates an atmosphere where everyone can live comfortable, can share and open their opinions or idea without judging them for thinking differently. Community and society can be improved in many ways including the use of language that can be avoided discriminations. The people inside the community can also build a good relationship by using proper and good manners communication with each other. By being politically correct, it also helps all our future generations which are the youth to have a broad mind about accepting and treating others without discrimination and not using foul words to describe the difference of other people from them.

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This political correctness is also used in schools, broadcasting, etc. In school, this political correctness is a way of teaching the students to know how to show mutual respect to their other classmates or everyone. They can learn how to be more considerate and sensitive to others' race, religion, culture, and color. According to one article written by Don Closson, schools are using PC for the students, teachers, and management to practice the inclusivity.

But sadly to say, that nowadays there still other people who are not applying political correctness not only in the schools but also in other places. They are still criticizing white people or taking away white men's right but it is about giving the same rights to minorities. They are still leveling other people based on their race, religion, and gender. Political correctness is a virtue, a good thing because it is based on a system of mutual respect. It is about being considerate and inclusivity. Many schools had been trying to teach character values and education based on the article “School Spends a Lot of Time Teaching Kids to be Politically Correct”, but not all are applying it. It is not easy to implement and enforce the right to non-discrimination in any school because of the haters or bashers of this kind of rights. Others thought that implementing these rights will not be beneficial for the school and them.

There is one sad research about tolerating discrimination and according to this study, black people have no right to attend the same school as white people. The school is tolerating the discrimination of color of skin. Most of the public schools are mixed and they are not practicing any discriminating process of accepting other students with different colors, but some of the private schools are segregating students based on color, race, and religions. In the 1950s and 60s the Civil Rights Era pursue to correct these problems, and through the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. Title VI, 42 U.S.C, Section 2000d, bans discrimination in federally funded programs. Virtually all public schools receive federal funds. This is one of the political will and civil rights to end discrimination.

If we will only look at the impact and benefits of political correctness in school or education it will help us to realize that we had to be part of ending any kind of intolerant practices or discrimination in schools. We all know that changes cannot happen overnight and maybe it will take a long time of process but it is still good to try not to tolerate any practices that can judge or offense other people and give them also the equal rights to live comfortably and without fear.

Applying this political correctness, can make you a better person and can also change the life of the people you are talking to. Nowadays, discriminating people is very normal for other people and many countries or places are still tolerating these practices. Discriminating people and saying bad and offensive words to thems is like you are also harming yourself. You are giving your own definition about yourself, who you really are. Being sensitive, compassionate and considerate to other people is one of the best things that you can do to make your life have sense and be fruitful. We all know that our words can be used to hurt other people but it can also be us to say a good and positive word to all people who surround us. Don't choose to be the reason for someone's discrimination but choose to be the one who can do something that can bring a difference to their life.


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