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Introduction In an increasingly interconnected world, where communication and understanding between diverse cultures are paramount, bilingual education emerges as a powerful and transformative force. This unique approach to learning empowers students to acquire proficiency in two languages, instilling within them a host of cognitive, social, and professional advantages. Bilingual education goes beyond merely teaching languages; it embodies a dynamic and inclusive educational philosophy that enriches minds and expands horizons. At its core, bilingual education recognizes the intrinsic value of linguistic...
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Introduction “Handwriting is a complex human activity that entails an intricate blend of cognitive, kinesthetic, and perceptual-motor components” (Hanover Research, 2012, p.5). For this reason it requires instructions and practice in order to write neatly and fluently. However, when a pupil has firstly learned to write in a different writing system, the development of his handwriting in a second system can be influenced. Through this paper, Tom, a Chinese-English bilingual will be taken into analysis. He is from the United...
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Abstract This study investigates the presence, or lack thereof, of a bilingual advantage in inhibition control and executive processing while considering the different interactional contexts as per the adaptive control hypothesis posited by Green and Abutalebi (2013). 849 University of Melbourne students enrolled in an undergraduate psychology course participated in this study. The data was collected through a Flanker task and an online questionnaire that sorted participants into the appropriate interactional contexts of monolingual, single-language, and dual-language contexts. The Flanker...
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The authors recognized that little attention had been given to the impact of language context for monolinguals. As a result, they did research to present data detailing the effect of ambient linguistic diversity on monolinguals' ability to acquire a different language. The authors aimed at using recent research to challenge the traditional assumptions that language processing is uniformly homogeneous and that differences in the performance of native language always result from cognitive resource constraints. They believe that language processing may...
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Bilingual advantage is the notion that the practice of employing two languages, choosing one while inhibiting the other enhances executive function. Executive function is a faction of top-down psychological processes vital in attention, inhibition, and planning (Diamond, 2013). Bilinguals have been shown to have advantages in tasks concerning interference repression- inhibition of inappropriate tasks (Bunge et al, 2002). But research on the bilingual advantage in executive function has often generated contradictory evidence. The Simon, Stroop, Flanker and Attentional Network tasks...
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Our minds are required to process a vast amount of sensory information in order to perceive the perceptual world around us. This process involves both the integration and discrimination of multisensory information. Audiovisual interactions are commonly used to investigate multisensory processing. Multisensory processing refers to how the information presented to one sensory modality can impact the way information is processed and perceived in another modality (Briscoe, 2016). Previous research has suggested that there are differences between monolinguals and bilinguals with...
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In the original version of Ferguson’s model, ‘bilingualism’ referred to the coexistence of two unrelated languages within one speech community. In more recent literature, this term is used as a psycholinguistic term referring to a speaker’s proficiency in two or more languages. The existence of two languages for a long period of time sets the scene for the language ideology of the society. Spolsky posits that ‘language ideology’ is language policy with the manager left out, what people think should...
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