Essay on Case Study on Social Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety disorder is one of the worldwide major public mental health problems. In the last decades, the number of people diagnosed with mental health disorders such as; anxiety has enormously increased. Anxiety is defined as a state of uneasiness, such as worry or dread, that might be minor or severe (NHS 2018). According to the Cleveland Clinic (2020), There are many types of anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, and separation anxiety. The Most common type of anxiety disorder is called (GAD) or generalized anxiety disorder (Mental Health no date). There are differences between normal anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), during times of stress people experience anxiety however, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is when someone worries excessively to the point that it interferes with daily activities (Meek 2020a). Normal anxiety can worsen over time and seriously impair a person's ability to operate properly (Meek 2020b). The reasons or the risks of developing anxiety are the build-up of stress, shock, illness-related stress, personality, other mental health issues, genetics, and addiction to alcohol and drugs (Mayo Clinic 2018a). There are other reasons for being diagnosed with anxiety disorders and they are medical causes. The most crucial and main cause of anxiety disorders is difficult childhood, adolescence, or adulthood life experiences (mind 2021a). There are several symptoms and signs that indicate that the patient is diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Mayo Clinic (2018b) investigated the symptoms of anxiety are; insomnia or having difficulty falling asleep, an elevated heart rate which means the heart beats faster than usual, rapid breathing, feeling exhausted, having difficulty concentrating and experiencing difficulty managing worry.

There are a variety of ways to treat anxiety disorders, such as psychotherapy and some medications (Mayo Clinic 2018c). One of the well-known medications used to treat anxiety is diazepam or Valium, and it is a type of benzodiazepine (Star 2021a). Diazepam is the generic name for Valium which means that Valium is the brand-name medicine and diazepam is the active ingredient of it (Bihari 2020). Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors are affected by diazepam or Valium, GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is involved in sleep, relaxation, and anxiety management (Star 2021b). Valium slows down the central nervous system by affecting GABA receptors (Star 2021c). This effect reduces anxiousness and agitation while also promoting a sense of peace and relaxation (Star 2021d). This project will evaluate the various types of treatments, the effectiveness of diazepam, and the safety of taking diazepam as a medication for anxiety. This report will begin by arguing If diazepam is more effective for treating anxiety disorders than (SSRI) antidepressants. Then proceed to argue and prove that diazepam is safe.

Is diazepam the ideal treatment for anxiety disorders?

Anxiety could last for years or even endure forever. Treating it might take some time to be effective). Medications used to treat anxiety disorders are benzodiazepines (usually prescribed for short-term use) and there are medications recommended as a long-term anxiety solution called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or (SSRI) antidepressants and one of the newer options (Smith et al. 2021a). Mind (2021b) stated that sedative medications such as benzodiazepines slow down the function of the brain and the body. Benzodiazepines like diazepam are used to alleviate anxiety and sleeplessness (Mind 2021c).

Many argued that diazepam could cure anxiety disorders effectively. Star (2021e) stated that Valium (diazepam) is an anti-anxiety medicine used to treat panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. Moreover, benzodiazepines like diazepam are also known as sedatives due to their calming and tranquilizing effects (Star 2021f). Diazepam acts rapidly, usually providing relief within 30 minutes to an hour (Smith et al. 2021b). Diazepam relieves anxiety quickly as it is one of the fast-acting drugs (Star 2021g). According to Henderson (2020), diazepam is used to treat sleeping problems that are associated with anxiety-like insomnia. Diazepam is also an anticonvulsant and may be used to relieve anxiety caused by certain conditions (Star 2021h).

However, others believe that the SSRI antidepressants are more effective to cure anxiety disorders. Bhatt (2019) explored that, the newer agents of antidepressant medications have lower side effects and greater convenience of use. Antidepressants help people diagnosed with anxiety disorders to feel calmer and more capable of dealing with other issues (Mind 2020a). In addition to that, it may also assist in feeling more capable of benefiting from other anxiety therapies (Mind 2020b). Antidepressants might take up to 4 to 6 weeks to start reducing anxiety symptoms, therefore they cannot be used 'as needed' (Smith et al. 2021c).

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It seems that when combining selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants, it becomes more effective, safe, and recommended in curing anxiety disorders. There are a variety of (SSRI) antidepressants in which one does not work well for the patient. Moreover, it depends on the patient's situation. Some patients cannot benefit from the (SSRI) antidepressants as their level of anxiety is high and they need something strong for it. So, (SSRI) antidepressants are not effective all the time as it take weeks to work and diazepam is more effective to cure all anxiety disorders.

Is diazepam medicine safe?

Diazepam medicine is one of the most effective anti-anxiety medications. It is given as a primary medicine to help reduce anxiety symptoms when other medications or treatments are not effective enough for the patient diagnosed with any anxiety disorders.

It has been argued that the side effects of diazepam are less dangerous in comparison with other medications that are used to treat anxiety disorders. Medline Plus (2021a) explored that, the side effects of diazepam could be mild or severe. Dry mouth, nausea, headache, and are the most common side effects of diazepam (Medline Plus 2021b). These side effects are normal and disappear after a couple of days or weeks (University of Illinois 2020). According to Williams (2020), Valium or diazepam medicine is one of the safest benzodiazepine medicines.

On the other hand, Some researchers think that diazepam is not safe and could cause harmful and unwanted side effects. Drug Enforcement Administration (2019) stated that people who have abused benzodiazepines like diazepam were more than 20 million, which means that diazepam could cause addiction. Diazepam has a high potential for abuse, misuse of these medicines over time can easily lead to addiction (Patterson 2022). Moreover, diazepam could affect pregnancy and it is possible that an unborn baby will be harmed (Everyday Health 2021).

Nonetheless, the benefits of diazepam are more than its risks and its side effects. The specialist will plan the whole procedure for the patient, each patient has a unique and different plan. Moreover, the patient would experience some common side effects. However, These side effects are normal and not harmful and could be easily controlled if the patient follows the specialist plan and takes their medications in time and as directed. According to addiction treatment centers (2021), having a physical dependency on diazepam does not imply that a person is addicted to it. When a patient is not using the medication as directed it is possible that diazepam becomes an addictive drug. The dangerous side effects of taking diazepam are uncommon, and even if the patient experienced those unwanted side effects, the specialist would suggest another plan to overcome these side effects. The patient should update the specialist of any new symptoms or side effects of diazepam to get help as soon as possible. One of the most important things that the patient should do is to discuss with the specialist if they are taking any medications, have allergies, if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, and if experienced any diseases before, that will help the specialist to decide if diazepam is the accurate medicine for the patient or no. Also, that will help to minimize the harmful side effects.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, anxiety disorders have been limiting and affecting human life. Many individuals are suffering from anxiety disorders, which are a worldwide known disease. This essay argued two main aspects; benzodiazepine medicines like diazepam being effective and diazepam being safe. (SSRI) Antidepressants could treat many types of mental health diseases and one of them is anxiety disorders. However, benzodiazepines like diazepam are the most effective and fast-act medications to treat anxiety disorders. Moreover, diazepam helps to reduce other issues related to anxiety such as insomnia. Also, diazepam has calming effects that help the patient to feel happy and relaxed. (SSRI) Antidepressants are not the ideal treatment every time for anxiety disorders, but that does not mean it could not be prescribed for a patient diagnosed with anxiety however, it is not effective for everyone and depends on the patient's situation. All anti-anxiety medications have side effects that a human being could experience them, and each could differ from one to another, some could be harmful, and some harmless. Diazepam drug is widely used to treat anxiety disorders, because of its light side effects. The side effects of diazepam are more adaptable to live with.

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