Dreams Do Come True

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They say that nothing worth having comes easy. We all have our own dreams which we want to fulfil in our lifetime. Everybody dreams big and why not? The bigger, the better! Chasing your dreams is a journey in itself. Dreams are the substructure that acts as conduit for a meaningful life. A roller coaster ride which has its ups and down, however, as much as we have our heart in our mouth through and through, it's all worth it eventually!

The key to achieving dreams is to have faith, and the courage to pursue our dreams. You must give it your all to get closer and closer to that one dream for which you put your entire life at stake!

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If you ask me if I believe in dreams coming true, I would say yes! Dreams do come true. The consistency is the key here. To chase your dream, you should be honest to yourself first of all. As it's honesty that helps you notice self-deception which we use as a smokescreen to cover up our issues. If you are true to yourself and clearheaded, the path towards achieving your dream becomes easier. So, if you have it what it takes to achieve your dream, coupled with luck, a good deal of hard work, there will be hardly anyone in this world who can stop you from achieving what you are seeking.

Although, destiny plays a big role in the whole scenario. There's a famous saying which I firmly believe in, ‘What’s meant for you will reach you even if it’s beneath two mountains, and what’s not meant for you won’t reach you even if it’s between your two lips’.

I'll share an incident that occurred in my life, back in the day, I used to be a fat child and always dreamt of a lean body. Although, it wasn't an easy task to shred all the extra kilos I had gained as a child but the dream of having a lean body kept lingering in my head. I couldn't study properly and had to take medicines for my mental well-being. Years passed by, what remained static was my weight and my desire for a lean body. I was a teenager now and it was only then my parents consulted a nutritionist for me who I now consider as a blessing in disguise. Thanks to the help of a nutritionist, I was able to maintain a healthy diet with the help of sports, and as a result, I turned from a chubby girl into a slim and fit person. Hence, my dream came true as a result of persistence, courage and the determination and of course my parents' and nutritionist's assistance and moral support.

Thus, dreams do come true and I'm a living example of the same. We may fail a couple of times but one should always keep in mind it's failure by which we become stronger and we thrive harder in making that one dream come true.

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