My First Cat

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Today we are going to pick up my cat. This will be my cat. My mom, my dad, my sister, my aunt, and my baby cousin will all be coming to get my new cat. We all got in the car. After driving for what seemed like forever but we were only driving for thirty minutes.

My dad would not stop asking “Are you sure?”

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I was so annoyed. Then we arrived.

When we got out of the car a lady came outside and showed us my cat. I loved him, he was the one.

I kept asking “When are we taking him home?” “Can I hold him?”

So I went to the car to get the carrier and we put him inside. Then we went to the White Castle. After we ate we drove to the closest PetCo. My mom, dad, sister, and baby cousin went inside. My aunt and I stayed in the car with my new cat. He tried to eat all of the fries. When my mom, dad, sister, and cousin came back they told us they got a pet bed, food, food and water dish, two mats one for food and one for the litter box, and, litter box.

We drove home. It was a long drive but short at the same time. When we arrived home we all went inside and I took Potter up to my room. I shut my door and let him out of the carrier. Then, I set up his water dish and food dish, litter box, and litter mat, and bed and blanket. When my mom and I finished setting everything up I poured litter into the litter box.

After playing with Potter my mom, my dad, and my sister all came into my room. My dad brought in our older cat. Our older cat is 14 and her name is Ellie. All Ellie did was hide. She did not like Potter. Potter wanted to play but Ellie did not like that. We have to keep putting Potter in the litter box.

It was 10 pm and Potter finally went into the litter box. Then I went to sleep but Potter did not. Potter stayed up all night and woke me up. Potter had a party. The next day we got him a lot of toys. Potter took a nap on my lap. Everybody was slugging Potter that day. We took a lot of photos with Potter. My mom and I got Potter a Halloween costume and matching socks with me.

In conclusion, Picking him up was the best day ever. Potter is so bad but I love him. To this day my parents still spoil him.

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