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Cats Versus Dogs: Main Reasons

Cats Take Up Less Space

Have you ever had to share bed space with a Golden Retriever? Or what about a little puppy? Dogs tend to need a lot of space to lie down. Besides a dog’s size, most dogs enjoy stretching themselves into long lengthy lines and squishing you out of your part of the bed. They need tons of space just to get the exercise they need, let alone needing run to run around and play or to store all their toys, beds, etc. Dogs truly need quite a bit of space in order to be healthy and happy.

It Costs Less to Own Cats

Usually, over the span of their lives, a cat costs less than a dog. If you choose to get a purebred cat vs. going to your local animal shelter that could be pricey, but usually it costs less to adopt a cat than a dog, plus the shelters often lower the cost for cats during kitten season. And many times you can get two cats for the price of one adoption fee!

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After you get your pet, many other things will cost you money such as pet sitters or supplies. Since dogs seem to tear up their toys faster than cats, most dog toys are more costly and you have to buy them more often. Toys for cats are fairly inexpensive and they are also much simpler to make yourself.

Cats Are Totally Happy Kept Inside

It's nearly impossible to own a dog and kept it completely indoors. You have to exercise a dog, take it on walks, let it out to go to the bathroom, etc. This can be difficult for people who don’t have big yards or are physically unable to take a dog for a walk or they don’t live near any dog parks.

Cats, on the other hand, are totally content sitting by your window watching the world go by, and you can teach them to use a litterbox to go to the bathroom, plus they are both happy and secure, just don’t leave the window open so they can escape! As long as they have birds to watch and a sunspot to lay in, cats are completely happy being inside.

Cats Don’t Make As Much Noise

Let’s face it. Dogs like to bark, and some of them can bark really loud. Have you ever heard anyone complain that someone’s cat meowed too loudly and kept them up at night?

Even if a cat makes a little noise, it’s nothing like how much a dog barks all the time at almost anything. Cats just purr or meow and mostly aren’t loud at all. And it is easy to learn what those meows mean too from petting me to feeding me.

It’s less work to have a kitten vs. a puppy

A puppy and a kitten both need lots of your time, attention, and energy. You have to get them used to being in your home, learn how to feed them and do some training. You may even lose a bit of sleep since they need more attention when they are tiny.

However, one thing you don’t have to worry about when training a kitten is taking it outside and trying to potty train it. Most kittens instinctively can use a litterbox right after they are weaned. Then you can work all day long and not worry about coming home from an accident.

Cats Help Get Rid of Pests

Cats hunt naturally, it’s their instinct to go searching for prey. Even if it’s not a good idea to allow a cat to eat the prey they hunt due to possible issues with poisons and sprays, you are likely to have a pest-free house if you own a cat. Did you know mice will stay away even if they only smell a cat? So if you own a cat it’s likely you will never have to worry about mice invading your space.

It’s Easier to clean a Litterbox than Take A Dog for a Walk All the Time

Cats may seem strange since they will go to the bathroom in a litterbox full of sand or other litter, but it’s simple to scoop out the mess once a day. But if you have a dog, you have to take them outside to go to the bathroom no matter if it’s below zero weather or raining, or in the middle of the night. Then you have to pick up the mess in a plastic bag either with your hand or carry a shovel around.

Cats are clean by nature and instinctively bury their mess when they go to the bathroom. They do this so their predators won’t be able to find them as well as so their prey won’t know they are in the area. So as their owners, we get the benefit of this habit and that makes cats very easy to care for compared to dogs.

Cats Wash Themselves

Many times dog owners have to force their dogs to take a bath after they rolled in some horrible stinky substance. And dogs usually hate baths. Plus if you need to take one to a groomer, that’s a huge expense.

Cats on the other hand clean themselves every day. Sure, if you own a long-haired cat it’s not a bad idea to brush them, and you should also trim their claws when needed, but for the most part, cats will keep themselves clean and you don’t have to give them baths.

Cats Recognize Private Space

At times when you come home from working hard all day, you likely just want to be left alone, not jumped on and slobbered on by your dog, who wants to go for a walk or have you play ball, etc. On the other hand, some people may say cats don’t care about their owners and just ignore you all the time, it’s very true that at least they seem to recognize the need for someone to have some private space, they even prefer it themselves! You don’t have to pay attention to your cat 24/7 and that means you can relax when you first come into the house after a hard day at work.


Statistics say pet ownership helps keep people healthy and reduces their stress levels. So owning a cat offers you some great health benefits. While so does own a dog, cats can do something dogs can’t, and that’s purr. And statistics also show that the vibration rate of a cat’s purr can actually heal human bones and muscles!

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