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I’m absolutely certain that dogs are the best pet to get and here’s why. If you are ever feeling down, dogs can almost instantly cheer you up. It’s like magic. Dogs can also help you stay healthy. By putting you through an intense workout session called ‘walk’ you could lose weight in no time. Mess? No problem the dog is just what you need. They are your own personal food vacuum that eats every mess that you make. Dogs are just what everyone needs to stay, happy, healthy, and clean.

Dogs can be used for comfort or if you’re lonely they will find a way to cheer you up. Do you cry a lot? No problem! You can hide your emotional tears in their fur. Sometimes they might lick your face to cheer you up and also wipe those salty tears away. They also work great as a pillow but a really lumpy one. One of the perks of owning a dog is that you notice their weird personality. Watching your dog do dumb stuff is pretty entertaining and sometimes it gets to the point where it gets uploaded to the web cause it’s so dumb. Sometimes dogs need comfort too and when they get too comfortable they might never leave you alone. Probably cause they saw that video you posted about them and they might feel embarrassed about that. So what we learned about dogs is that dogs are pillows for your emotional tears, they are weird, funny, and stupid, and that they will never leave you alone cause friends never leave each other.

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Dogs are great motivators. Especially when it comes to exercise. Even the word ‘walk’ gets them excited and it results in you walking them to make them calm down. If you throw them a ball, stick, or frisbee they will never leave you alone until fetching becomes too tiring for them or they are dissatisfied with your throwing skills. It’s the most efficient weight loss program especially for couch potatoes cause once you start they will never leave you alone until they are satisfied with your workout. You will be fit in no time when you work out with a dog.

Dogs will eat anything that is put in front of them especially when it’s on the floor. Food on the ground? The dog will clean that right up. Bad leftovers? No problem they will dispose of that too. They are basically your own personal food vacuum. Sometimes they malfunction and try to eat things that are not food like garbage and shoes, sometimes hair. So what we learned is that dogs will eat anything put in front of them. Saves you the time and energy into cleaning it up.


So everyone should know that dogs are the best creatures on Earth. With their fluffy fur coat and comforting smile, you know that you want to be their best friend. They motivate you to walk with them, spend time with them, and exercise. As everyone knows dogs love food, and if you drop food on the floor, or have some stale bread that nobody will eat, dogs will eat it. If all of this doesn’t shout out ‘ get a dog’ I don’t know what will.

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