Descriptive Essay on My Pet Dog

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To be able to change the behavior of anyone or anything would be such an amazing experience and would personally benefit me greatly. I would use operant conditioning to change my pet dog’s behavior. He insists on using the bathroom inside after being walked for a long time, he also chews anything he can get his mouth on and he bites at people’s ankles like he’s still a puppy. This behavior is quite annoying and if I could change it I’d be so happy. B.F. Skinner introduced a new and more gentle way to correct this behavior.

To change the behavior of him eating everything I would use Operant Conditioning which is providing consequences for actions in order to change behavior (Doyle-Portillo & Pastorino, 2015, p. 237). I would set up an experiment where there was his dog food and there was something else, such as my food or a shoe. If he ate his food he’d get a treat and praise but if he did not eat his food and ate the other option not only does he not get a treat but he also would be sprayed with water as a form of punishment. Using this method would create the behavior within my dog that he should not eat my flip-flops but that he should eat his dog's food.

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As I mentioned previously my dog urinates and defecates in the house even after a long walk. To change this behavior using Operant Conditioning, whenever we would go on a walk and if he did use the bathroom outside I would give him a treat but if he did not and did it inside he would receive a punishment. I believe that this will deter the unfavorable behavior because he would prefer to have a treat rather than be punished so he would choose to have those positive reinforcements (Doyle-Portillo & Pastorino, 2015, p. 237). Everyone likes to be comfortable and maintain their comfort with items and their environment. Taking these items away or putting them in a place where they are not comfortable will most likely cause a change in behavior because they would rather not be in an uncomfortable space.

B.F. Skinner provided new insight into behavior and how to influence someone or something’s choice in a way that would be more beneficial for them. This would be such an amazing method for me to change my dog’s undesirable behavior because he gets to choose his path rather than it being forcefully placed upon him causing him to be afraid in the end. This way it is more gentle and it allows my dog to be able to learn which way to do it on his own. I believe with this, my dog would want to receive the treats so he would most likely not revert back to his old ways whereas with other methods because of the fear and emotion attached, he most likely will try to do the same things because he may not even know why he is scared of it.

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