Essay on How Did the Black Death Lead to the Renaissance

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In our modern-day Europe is one of the most advanced continents in the world with countries that have a good economy, education and many other important things not all continents have. But before that Europe wasn’t ever like it is today until a certain period known between historians called the “renaissance”. This time period changed everything in Europe because people started to learn and educate themselves and stopped just dedicating their lives to god and focused more on their life on earth. But theirs also another event that happened which is the black death. The black death also known as the plague and was a very deadly disease. According to history today the plaque killed 50 million people in the 14th century, or 60 percent of the population (1) .

And To this day there are arguments that they are links between the renaissance and the black death. So, in this essay, I will give arguments and counter arguments about this topic and the final question I need to answer will be is “Did the black death cause the renaissance?” I will be explaining if it did cause the renaissance in terms of education and art etc.

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Historians have many arguments to support the statement “Did the black death cause the renaissance” saying it did in many ways, which I will mention, and also other historians have counter arguments saying “black death didn’t cause the renaissance”. So some of the people say the black death cause the renaissance because after the death of many people and the population decreased a lot of the people who were poor before started to get more jobs because their weren’t any people around, and then with the money they had they educated their children and took them to school according to (2). Which is true because the amount of kids that go to school increased around that time. Also another debate is that people who survived the black death started to focus more life and not just dedicate it to god. Because they saw all their friends and family members die and suffer and mad them think twice and focus and life and not just look it as a bad period they will pass and go to heaven. So people started to study and more scientists started to appear and also many survivors went against the church with more doubts. They had turned to the church for an answer to the black death, and the church had been able to offer no help to any of the people who were there. Additionally, priests, who, along with doctors, had the highest rate of contact with the diseased, also had one of the highest rates of fatalities. Several new heretical movements sprang up (2). Accurding to


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