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Culture Shock Essays

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Deconstructing Cultural Shock Experiences In Diasporic Poetry

To provide context, culture is an integrated system of learned behaviour patterns, wherein meaning is transmitted from generation to generation. According to Fisher, it represents specific attitudes and feelings of any given groups of people, which put simply is a system of shared meaning (qtd. in Kocak 64). As structuralists would understand, the nature of language is akin to culture; in the sense that, conventional meanings are often imposed and categorically defined to regulate discourse. And, the role of discourse...
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How To Prevent Culture Shock

Culture shock is the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. Culture Shock is a term used to describe the anxiety produced when a person moves to a completely new environment. This term expresses the lack of direction, the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new environment, and not knowing what is appropriate or inappropriate. The feeling...
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What Is The Culture Shock?

In the global world, we can change our living country many times. It could be because of journey, work or study. They are different situations but all of them has a same problem, “Culture Shock”. For example students always likes to study abroad, because of many reasons. They prepare themselves to face with hard days, and problems. Nevertheless almost all of them face with culture shock when they become a new life with new people. According to this reason, their...
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Culture Shock And Adaptation While Moving To American Samoa

Moving to American Samoa created a significant culture shock because of the major culture differences between the Samoan and the Chinese culture. This paper evaluates my thought processes comparing and contrasting two different culture, my own and the Samoan culture. This paper researches the psychological reasoning of the progress I have made and making in adapting to a new country. The main purpose of this research is to identify and discuss the process that Chinese individuals, such as I, adapt...
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Culture Shock On The Example Of The Movie Outsourced

Executive Summary This report is based upon the movie “Outsourced”. The movie is about an American Company, outsourcing one department to India. The manager of the department, Mr.Todd has to go to India and manage the regional call center and train his Indian replacement. The Indian business cultures Mr.Todd sees and felt uncomfortable are described in this report. Moreover, the scenes where he faced culture shock and the difficulties he faced during his stay in India are also described. Furthermore,...
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Analytical Essay on Culture Shock: Problems of New Environment

1. Background An issue that everybody, who has changed their environment, faced is culture shock. Unfortunately, this happens because most people choose to leave their home countries in favor of new possibilities, such as studying in a more prestigious University or working in a famous company, even people who have a vacation abroad can experience this problem. Therefore, this causes many challenges and it becomes difficult to overcome them when alone, especially as an international student. For this reason, it...
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Cross Cultural Shock: Case Study from a Cultural Perspective

Introduction The intention of this report is to provide an analysis of a given case study from a cultural perspective. The case study involves Paula Peters who is a woman from an African country and has recently moved to Australia with her family. However, as she encounters a culture different from her home country’s she experiences culture shock. This report looks at the antecedents and effects of her culture shock as well as evaluates Paula’s self-awareness rating. Some recommendations on...
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Essay on Culture Shock: Phases and Ways of Overcoming

Introduction Students are usually exposed to cultural, social and intellectual experiences when they move from their home country to a foreign country. Culture shock is therefore the anxiety and emotional disturbance experienced by people when two sets of realities meet. The term was first named by Kalervo Oberg in 1960 who described culture shock as,” precipitated by the anxiety that results from losing all familiar signs and symbols of social intercourse” (1960:177). The discussion below will broadly offer a theoretical...
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Issues of Culture Shock Faced by International Students

The complex changes confronting the world today, particularly those resulting from the impact of globalization and technological revolution, have radically transformed the world in every aspect, especially the higher education field. By creating new systems of knowledge, learning and education furthermore breaking the boundaries of space and time between nations, the education opportunities became wider and boundless (Van Damme, 2001) in other words the cross-border mobility of students was encouraged and emerged. Students mobility is concerned with students who are...
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Role of Culture Shock in People’s Sociocultural Life

Background: There is evidence that Culture Shock plays a crucial role in the development of people’s sociocultural life nowadays. This term makes reference to the set of reactions that an individual may experience when coming into contact for the first time with a culture different from their own. Such an impact usually has an affective variable and a cognitive variable. From an affective point of view, the subject may experience emotions such as fear, mistrust, discomfort, anxiety, or insecurity. From...
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