Why Is Suicide Committed By People?

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It is often difficult to imagine what a friend, family member, or celebrity made a significant contribution to suicide. There may be no indicators of notice, and you may question what you may have overlooked. Several things also contribute to lead to a suicidal decision. It is often an act that is performed rather than after careful consideration during a whirlwind of strong emotions or life pressures. Although there are several variables that can impact the decision of an individual to commit suicide such as depression and illness, traumatic stress, hopelessness, the belief he or her life is a burden to others and social isolation. Let us all go deeper into why a person has chosen to end his or her own life?

Although a patient’s suicidal choice can be affected by many things, the most important thing is that the person has severe depression. For this reason, depression may lead the people to feel great emotional pain and loss of hope, leaving them unable to see a different way of relieving pain than destroying their own lives. By contrast to anxiety, certain mental illnesses can also play a role by suicide. For example, a person with schizophrenia or other psychosis-producing illness could hear voices commanding her to kill herself. As Schimelpfening stated, “According to the American Association of Suicidology, depression is present in about half of all suicides.” Essentially, fear is concerned due to depression in nearly half of all suicides.

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Every survivor who has have trauma, such as childhood sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, or war trauma, is at an increased risk of suicide, even many years after the trauma. According to Tull stated, “These rates of suicide attempts increased considerably among people who had experienced multiple incidents of sexual (42.9%) or physical assault (73.5%). They also found that a history of sexual molestation, physical abuse as a child, and neglect as a child were associated with high rates of suicide attempts (17.4% to 23.9%).” In other words, Tull believes This has been noted that individuals who have endured physical or sexual abuse in their life are also likely to actually to end their lives. Thus, this is mainly because anxiety is widespread following abuse and among those with trauma, which can lead to suicide, creating feelings of helplessness especially hopelessness.

In addition, if people feel they have lost all hope and are unable to fix it, it can outweigh all of their lives good stuff, make suicide seem like a practical option. Hopelessness has been shown in several studies to lead either in the short term or as a long-lasting component to the decision to commit suicide. Individuals may experience a social or physical struggle and see no circumstance change. As the article Hopelessness stated, “Often hopelessness can have a significant influence on human behavior, as it may reflect an individual’s negative view of the future.” It is simplifying saying that hopelessness can often have a huge impact on human behavior, as it may represent the poor view of the future of an adult. Nonetheless, while it may seem clear to an observer from the outside that things are going to get better, but the people with depression may not be willing to see this because of the blind optimism or frustration which surrounds their illness.

Indeed most people who decide to commit suicide also claim they would be better off without their loved ones or the world in general. The cause of this is because individuals sometimes see themselves as a strain on others or feel worthless because of their immense emotional burden. Of starters, only now do I know how much he must have endured because not only does he give me a ride to the hospital, but he also helps me to pay hospital bills and household duties. Nevertheless, still, other people who decide to commit suicide also claim they would be better off without their loved ones or as a whole because they feel that they are in the way of their life and not bring no fortune to them as an individual.

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