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Calamitous Effects of Global Warming on Humanity

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Disastrous, destructive, damaging and dying animals are all catastrophic consequences that is global warming’s noose tied around humanity’s neck. Over the years there has been a significant increase in the effects of climate change which is a direct result of global warming. This can evidently be seen till recently in Australia of 2020. This incident that shook the core of many individuals is a prime example of how destructive prolonged drought season combined with strong winds and sparks can damage acres of wildlife territory and pollute the air. Global warming is an exponentially growing dilemma that will continue to affect humanity because it is shifting the climate, deteriorating human health and depleting the fauna.

To commence, it is indisputable that Global warming will gradually be detrimental to humanity by shifting the climate around the world. It is unnatural for climate to change at the rapid rate in which it is currently occurring. This alarming shift can cause an imbalance with the seasons for most places. Furthermore, according to Bradford and Pappas (2017), research reveals that global warming is having a measurable effect on the planet. Throughout the article, Bradford and Pappas contest that this shift is occurring in real time all over the world. For instance, the polar ice caps and mountain glaciers are melting, lakes such as Lake Superior are warming up. Moreover, there is an alarming increase in drought within the Caribbean which disrupts the production of crops; as a result this affects exportation that is one of the primary providers of income in the Caribbean. By extension; the quality of living is being disrupted. Therefore, global warming is a sole contributor that changes the climate; further leaving a destructive path for humanity.

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In addition to climate change, global warming has dangerous repercussions on the human health. As a result of global warming changing the climate, the health and safety of human lives is gambled. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2018, extreme high air temperatures contribute directly to deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory disease. The article recounts the heat wave of summer 2003 in Europe whereas more than 70 000 excess deaths were recorded due to heat strokes and heat stress. Moreover, high temperatures can raise the levels of ozone and other pollutants that can intensify respiratory diseases. Additionally, not only does global warming affect the human health by increasing the possibilities of diseases, but it can also increase natural disasters that can affect the safety and security of humanity. In the article, WHO reveals the due to the increase in extreme weather events, natural disasters are becoming predominant which can destroy homes and medical facilities. Not only destroying essential facilities but it also forces people to migrate which in return can heightens the risk of a range of health issues, from mental disorders to communicable disease. The rapid transmission of diseases can be detrimental beyond belief. Ultimately, climate change caused by global warming has major repercussion on the human health.

Aside from global warming having disastrous effects on climate change and human health, it can also deplete flora and fauna; by extension affecting humanity as well. The gradual increase of the effects of global warming causes natural occurrences and disasters to increase such as forest fires; that could potentially deplete flora. For instance, it is known that plants provide oxygen which is essential for human survival; without it humans would go extinct. However, plants are not only victims being affect; fauna are also at risk. Due to the alarming way polar ice caps are melting in Antarctica, there are a variety of animals including polar bears that suffer due to the melting; so much so that polar bears are becoming vulnerable to extinction. The extinction of precious animals can affect the well-being of humans because people co-exist with animals and plants in order to create a balance in the biodiversity and ecosystem. If more and more animals were to go extinct, then humans would unfortunately face a depressive future without them. Furthermore, according to Cho (2015), research reveals that global warming forces species to migrate to cooler regions and warm temperatures affect the timing of seasonal life cycle events of plants and animals such as mating, blooming or migration. This article further solidifies the damage caused by global warming. Therefore, the depletion of natural resources do have drastic consequences to humans.

Conclusively, global warming has disastrous repercussions on the survival of humanity. Global warming is a primary cause of climate change which sets off major chain reactions in terms of increasing the risk of diseases and death to spread at alarming rates. As a result, the quality of life and well-being would be detrimental. Not only are humans affected through their health but also the flora and fauna are at risk of being depleted and extinct which will evidently cause catastrophic imbalances in the ecosystem and stir a global calamity. Global warming is an issue that has frightening consequences that will affect humankind because it instigates climate change, is detrimental to humanity’s health and it is destroying natural kingdom. Therefore, if humans want to preserve their health, climate, and natural resources then precaution and education is needed in order to reduce the effects of global warming on the planet. Humanity needs to take action now in order to see the benefits later.

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