Reflective Essay on the Birth of the Industrial Revolution

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Table of contents

  1. Specific Purpose Statement:
  2. Central idea:
  3. An industrial revolution, an era of life

Specific Purpose Statement:

To commemorate the birth of the industrial revolution.

Central idea:

Industrial revolutions lead humanity into a new chapter and largely change human history.

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An industrial revolution, an era of life

For almost the entire history of mankind, life had been based on agriculture and livestock. At the end of the 18th century, at the moment when Englishmen James Warped invented or perfected the steam engine, people enter an age that was totally different than before. The door of the wisdome of technology and industry was opened by mankind. The way people live, think and see the world, changed forever. It was a series of revolutions and we called them industrial revolutions. These revolutions dramatically change our society and social structure at every stage, lead humanity into a new chapter and largely change human history. And I am here to commemorate the greatness of these industrial revolutions.

With the change in the form of production, the replacing of the manual factory with a machine-based factory system, the trade, free market, and long-distant travel become possible. We can now enjoy the benefits that the people who in 300 years ago couldn’t even imagine. In 15000 years, most humans never owned or used a single item made outside of their community. n 15000 years, life expectancy never rose above 35 or below 25. Education was a privilege, not a right. In 15000 years, people live in the dark and pray for the imaginary god they made, believing it is the god who provides them with food and water, so they must listen to the god with forsaking of their right or even their lives. The sound of technology and industry broke into that darkness 300 years ago for the first time in human history, it was the sound of steel and machine, freeing mankind from ignorance and also frees the people's hands. Just like a butterfly bursting out from his pupa, mankind entering into a new chapter, flying to the sky in the name of science and technology and ready to shine.

You can see how large industrial revolutions shape our life and society. The first industrial revolution which led us into the “Stean Age”, marked the transition from farming civilization to industrial civilization and is a great miracle in the history of human development. The second industrial revolution made us entered the 'Electrical Age' which promoted the rapid development of transportation, and exchanges between countries around the world. The Third Industrial Revolution, which began after the WW2, created the 'Information Age”. Global information and resource exchanges became more rapid. More and more countries and regions were involved in the globalization process.

You using electricity because of industrial revolutions. You live in a crowded city instead of a farm because of industrial revolutions. You can drive a car because of industrial revolutions. You use cell phones to chat with your friends and call a uber because of industrial revolutions. You have 15 years of formal education because of Industrial revolutions. Your bed, your clothes, your computer, your cell phone, your toilet, your every waking and sleeping second, all because of industrial revolutions. Don’t forget all these accomplishments were just achieved in these 300 years.

And here we come the fourth industrial revolution which is a new technological revolution based on artificial intelligence, clean energy, robotics, quantum information technology, virtual reality, and biotechnology. And I believe this new industrial revolution will takes us future and brings a new change and development to our civilization.

These industrial revolutions not only means our seeking of a better life condition, advanced technology, or wealth but also symbolize the human’s transformation from ignorance to exploration, from brutal to civilized. I am here to commemorate the past revolutions that dramatically change the history of mankind and also looking forward to see the upcoming one. Facing the next Industry version 4.0, are you ready to walk toward an unimaginable future, and achieve your ideal of life at this new age?

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