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Psychiatric Technician Program

'Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better.' One of my favorite quotes that have encouraged my drive to become who I am today. My name is Davidson Ejimole and I am a Psychiatric Technician Trainee at Atascadero State Hospital. This intro might sound common to most people but to me, it shows how I have thrived in recent years to be where I am today. I learned about psych tech from a close cousin of mine while on a random visit to his house in a small town named Atascadero in the middle of nowhere where he was working at the time. He was discussing with a friend about this program that everyone was venturing into and was literally changing their lives. At the time in my life, I hit a semi-midlife crisis when I was about to hit my thirties but all my planned goals were not been achieved. As I sat there and listened to the positive comments that were been discussed about the program, right there and then, it hit me, it was like a lit light bulb in my mind. As I drove three and half hours back to Los Angeles the following day full of thoughts about the program, then and there I decided that this is the next step to add to my life story and definitely will be the career to boost my goals to where I have planned it to be by this age in my life.

Growing up, I have been the quiet one in the room, always monitoring and calculating each individual in the room, from how they speak to their body movement and the words that are been expressed to them to analyzing why they chose those sets of words. I have never actually thought of this hobby of mine as a skill or something to build a life on until I started to research to know more about Psych Tech. I have always been a businessman and have been quite successful in my early days until recently, which was why going into this program has been very challenging and interesting, to finally put what I have been using as a hobby to help in the community. As I have been going through the orientation week, a doctor by the name of Dr. Hennessy stood out to me in particular with his words and knowledge about the same subject that I have always found interest in, and at that moment that my mind was reinforced that I am in the right place. I also realized that I will have to use most of my motivational and 'those that have done it don't have two heads' attitude to really focus on this newfound career choice.

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As I have gone through the orientation weeks, I have learned that this program will be another challenging period in my life, where I will be tested on my strengths and weaknesses. I have to buckle down and put my true hard work and professionalism to the test and concentrate like I have never done before. I understand that to be successful in this new career I will have to reorganize my daily routine to be able to accomplish multiple stressful tasks throughout the day and still be able to get enough sleep and do it all over again the following day. I will have to analyze some old habits that have been hindering my progress and turn them around to be able to stay on course throughout my days in the program. When it comes to group activities, it has never been my favorite. I can easily be networking in a business setting with the goal of monetary rewards in mind. But have always preferred to work solo, and get the task done. I understand that in order to be successful in this program, this will need to change; I need to learn to be a team player, learn to work in groups, and accomplish tasks as a team. Especially when it comes to building a good relationship with my classmates which will be necessary to learn and achieve because I will have to use the same skills in the workplace to maintain good communication and working relationships with co-workers.

For the years I have worked in my field in business, I have never had to sit in one place for a long period of time, I find that I get tired and lose focus easily while just sitting or even worse, start to fall asleep. This is one weakness that I have found to be very difficult to manage in the past. Usually, the reason I have to keep active and be in constant movement while in class since sleeping is definitely not tolerated in the program or the field, which I have noticed helps but it's a working progress. I also need to learn good study habits, I have always had difficulties in studying for a test, and I have found it impossible to memorize words or statements. From some of the things I learned from the orientation, it is always helpful to use flashcards to help with memorization, though I have tried flashcards in the past which have not been successful. I believe with the help of group study and good note-taking, it will be a different experience this time around.

As I start this new path in my life which I know will be a life-changing event for years to come, I have accepted the challenge of rising above all my difficulties, truly working hard to achieve what I have never thought to even imagine. Starting on a medical career path that is different from what I am familiar with previously in my life. It will not be as easy as I wished it to be, but if I focus, learn to communicate with my peers, use my acquired knowledge from the orientation, face my weakness and conquer with outstanding victory, I will be very successful as a Psychiatric Technician Trainee, a licensed technician, and with God’s grace, even further into the field as a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, which I will have accomplished what I would have never imagined before and only wished upon.


  1. “Successful people do what unsuccessful…..”
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