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Freakonomics, Chapter 1: Summary

The first chapter of ‘Freakonomics’, written by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, will respond to the inquiry, ‘What do teachers and sumo grapplers share for all intents and purpose?’. It starts with a tale about a couple of financial analysts who attempted to discover an answer for late guardians who continually arrive behind schedule to get their kids from childcare. Before clarifying why this occurred, Levitt goes into a top to bottom discourse of motivators. He characterizes them as the...
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Freakonomics, Chapter 2: Summary

The second chapter of ‘Freakonomics’, written by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, means to address the inquiry, ‘How is the Ku Klux Klan like a gathering of realtors?’. Levitt starts by going into the historical backdrop of the KKK, established at first in the repercussions of the Civil War by six men doing innocuous 12 PM tricks, and later advancing into a multi-state fear-based oppressor association focusing on liberated slaves. While World War II made the Klan go underground for...
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Review of 'Freakonomics' by Dubner S.J. and Levitt S.D.

‘Freakonomics’ being a true to life book was composed by Dubner S.J (a journalist) and Levitt S.D (financial expert), the authors experienced different bits of present-day life to exhibit how financial aspects explains why individuals act in a way similarly as the manner in which express outcomes occur. They analyze various bits of society and view them with trade points of view. With the utilization of unequivocal information and the fundamentals of financial aspects, the obscure examinations and the different...
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Freakonomics, Chapter 3: Summary

The book ‘Freakonomics’ written by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, is a novel written with a purpose to examine life’s oddities with the tools of economics. The third chapter of this book is entitled ‘Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live with Their Moms’, and the main idea of this chapter is to elaborate on the fact that people often assume things that are not true as it turns out. Authors prove this by showing statistics from various experiments and showing...
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Review of Steven D. Levitt's and Stephen J. Dubner's 'Freakonomics'

After reading ‘Freakonomics’ it really opens the reader’s eyes to unseen things in everyday life. The incentives of just any regular person are greatly shown because money or personal gain can take over any man or woman no matter how old. In a few of the chapters the book showed how two groups that someone would think are far opposite could have common goals or mindsets. As dumb as this book was it did at least teach me a new...
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