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For this essay, I chose the article called 'Nightmare Disorder and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder in Inflammatory Arthritis: Possibility Beyond Neurodegeneration' by Luca Baldelli because I would like to learn more about sleep behavior disorders in general, and the cases found due to sleep behavior disorders. Back when I was in high school, I never slept late like the other kids at my school. I would sleep at 10 o’clock and wake up at 6 in the morning to get...
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Reactive arthritis is a disease classified as autoimmune, which usually manifests itself through pain or inflammation of the joints. These symptoms are the main ones with which the body responds as a reaction to an infection, which usually begins in the intestine or in the urinary or genital tract. The most common are Chlamydia. Although it is also possible to have the disease by herpes zoster or salmonella. It is usual that people with this pathology tend to have several...
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Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease that mainly affects joints in the hands and feet but can affect other joints such as the hips and knees [1]. An autoimmune disease is a disease where your immune system attacks its own body. In Rheumatoid arthritis the immune system attacks the synovium of the joints and can destroy the cartilage and the bone. [2]. Inflammation may become visible on the joints of the hands and feet. Rheumatoid Arthritis may also affect...
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Abstract This paper is intended to give the reader an insight of what difficulties a person diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis can face whether its pain inflammation, swelling. This research holds various ways on how OT can help with treating, decreasing pain so that the patient can return to their daily function or close to what they use to be able to accomplish. INTRODUCTION Occupational therapy is a vital part of care for clients with RA, because occupational therapy practitioners work...
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Arthritis It is a very odd disease, affects the joint and creates miserable pain. Impact of this disorder in both the hands and feet’s (mainly to the elder person), also causes such pain in the knee, victim thinks that they have been deficient in calcium, so they start to eat vitamins and supplements’ by themselves. If pain is not reduces, most patients in that case start to take any OTC pain antagonist. Arthritis cannot cure for ever. It needs to...
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Abstract Patients of rheumatoid arthritis, who were already diagnosed as per 2010 ACR / EULAR ( American college of Rheumatology / European League Against Rheumatism ) classification criteria were included in the study. Red cell band width was determined in all the patients from laboratory of own hospital. Severity of rheumatoid arthritis was determined on the basis of Disease Activity Score-28 (DAS-28). Age, gender, duration of rheumatoid arthritis and red cell band width were correlated with the severity of rheumatoid...
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The elderly people are one of the most vulnerable minority group towards Arthritis and Musculoskeletal conditions. To be an elderly, the individual must be 65 years or over, according to the Social Security Administration (Katie. 24th July 2017). The most common reason for arthritis in elderly people is due to stress and strain on the joints over the years. The body undergoes a lot of wear and tear as you age (Sharma. B. 12th October 2015). Arthritis is a joint...
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“It just seemed so pointless,” recalls Helen, who has lived with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for decades. “I couldn’t lift my arms above shoulder height, so it was easy to explain why I wasn’t washing my hair. Then I developed nodules on my feet, so it was a simple matter to stop taking walks. Then it was difficult to open cans, so it seemed simplest to just stop eating. It all seemed absolutely logical to me at the time. It never...
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It is important to be aware of your genetic background and family health history because there may be diseases/conditions that you may not have to fully endure if you research early on. There are many ways to prevent or put off health conditions that are genetic. Two of those that are common in my family background are arthritis and high blood pressure. The first condition I researched was arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints, typically found in people...
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